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Jul 4, 2008
Linux web hosting refers to web hosting services that are based on a server that is running the Linux operating system. It is probably the most widely used type of web hosting, especially for individuals and small to medium sized businesses, simply because Linux web hosting is cheaper than other options like Windows based hosting. The reason for this is that Linux is an open source software product and as such does not incur the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use it at no cost. On the other hand, a web hosting service that offers Windows based hosting has to pay for the software and maintenance fees.

Some of the advantages of Linux web hosting are: cheaper than Windows, support for PHP scripts and MySQL databases and some hosts may offer telnet accounts at no or little additional cost. In many circles Linux is believed to be more secure than Windows, and for that reason it is also the more popular choice for web designers and programmers. Linux web hosting also offers users many configuration and customization options.

Generally, the choice of the operating system to host your website depends upon the scripting language that is used in your website. If languages like PHP, MySQL, or Perl are used in your website, Linux is preferred. Added to this is the very high uptime rate for Linux-based servers. These servers have the reputation of maintaining a high uptime of 99.9%. No wonder Linux-based web hosting is the most widely used web host in the world!

A Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website without much hassle. Also, the website can easily be changed as the requirement of the user grows. Linux web hosting is very economical as Linux is a free operating system. Usually, only the cost of distribution is borne by the host or owner.

Perhaps one of the most advantageous reasons that Linux web hosting is that it's simple and easy in regards to scalability. A Linux based web host can host virtually any sized web site, small or large, and do so with the same stability and reliability as if it were hosting a site on the exact opposite spectrum.
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