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Dedicated Web Hosting : Key Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

Jul 4, 2008
Shared hosting is a wonderful and inexpensive starting point for a smaller websites that do not have great amount of traffic. With time your website can outgrow the constrains of a shared web hosting plan. At this the time you may consider to purchase a dedicated server as your hosting solution. Dedicated web hosting may cost you as much as $500 a month, and today many web hosting providers offer products called Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Servers. These products offer power and flexibility of a dedicated server yet at much lower price.

With virtual or shared web hosting, you don't have a lot of flexibility or control over your web server that your hosting provider owns. The company providing shared web hosting services partitions a server to be shared between a number of customers for their websites and email. Because it is a shared server, the customers with virtual web hosting on the server share the hard drive, the processor, and the bandwidth as well as applications. The web host that provides the virtual hosting services has control over the server configurations.

Dedicated web hosting is a step up from virtual web hosting because, even if the server is provided by a web hosting company, with dedicated web hosting you are the only customer that uses the server and you generally have complete control of the server for administrative purposes. Because you administer and control the web server yourself with dedicated web hosting, you have greater flexibility. The hosting company that provides dedicated web hosting services generally owns the server and leases it to you as a dedicated web hosting client so they are responsible for hardware management. Depending upon the dedicated web hosting services provided, you may be able to handle your own upgrades and install your own software, or you can outsource such tasks to the dedicated web hosting provider.

Dedicated website hosting is also more practical for businesses that have high-traffic websites, but do not have the personnel, security, and resources to maintain, install, and build their in-house IT staff. It can also save a company money since they no longer have to pay for the services of a network administrator. Businesses can save at least 85% monthly just by opting for dedicated hosting.

Domain name servers (DNS) provide the link between your domain name (mysite.com) and its Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address is a series of numbers like this: 123.456.78.9. and every web server has its own IP address. For a dedicated server hosting a single domain, the IP address is equivalent to the domain name. A site hosted on a dedicated server can be found on the Web as either 123.456.78.9 or as mysite.com.

When you first start out in internet business, you may find that virtual web hosting is sufficient and cost-effective; however, as your business grows and you add features and capabilities to your website, or launch multiple websites, dedicated web hosting may be a better option. When making long-term plans for your internet business, be sure to consider the possibility of upgrading to dedicated web hosting in the future and the relative costs involved. It is beneficial to choose a virtual web hosting provider that offers the ability to quickly and easily upgrade to dedicated web hosting when it becomes a necessity for your business.
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