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Creating a Wedding Website

Jul 4, 2008
Planning a wedding is a lot of fun and a lot of work. There are countless details to organize, decisions to make, and information to pass along to friends and family. Creating a customized wedding website is a great way to keep everyone up to date on the progress of your wedding.

One of the best reasons to design a website about your wedding is to keep your guests informed without having to repeat information. Instead of having your family call or e-mail you with questions, you can post to your website, and they can check it out at their leisure. A good way to spread the word about your site is on your save the date cards.

It is up to you how much information to include on your wedding website. For instance, if you want everyone to be surprised when you walk down the aisle, don't post a picture of your fabulous wedding gown, no matter how excited you are about it. You might talk about the gown in more vague terms, such as mentioning the designer and type of fabric. Or, if you really want to share images of your dress with your girlfriends, set up a password protected area of the site - just don't let your fiance learn the secret code!

Another thing that you will want on your wedding site is pictures of the reception venue, with links to their website. It is really fun for out of town guests to get a sneak preview of the location that you have selected for the festivities. Your website should also serve as an all-in-one resource for those who are traveling. Your guests will appreciate having information about hotel recommendations, driving directions, and airports. You can even post the weather forecast, tips about what to pack, and sightseeing ideas. Doing all of this online will save you the hassle of sending out huge packets of information to guests after they R.S.V.P.

You may want to have a special section of the site dedicated to your attendants. Both information for them and about them could be included. If your bridesmaids don't mind, it would be fun to post a picture of each one, along with their names and a brief story of how you know each other (ie, "This is Margaret, my best friend since junior high. She lives in St. Louis with her husband and two pugs."). Keep the details succinct and appropriate for all viewers. Remember that your grandparents will be looking at what you post, and choose your content accordingly!

Some brides also like to have a blog on their wedding website, giving regular updates on the progress of the planning. "Today, I discovered why people hire wedding planners - the details of this wedding are driving me bananas!" Whatever you post, make sure that it is not too personal, and that you are comfortable with any and all of your guests reading it. In other words, if your mom is driving you crazy, write about it in your diary, not on your website. (You can be sure that word will filter back to her, even if you know that she isn't reading your blog!)

For a really terrific site, add some interactive elements. Quizzes and surveys will make your website feel more personal and creative. It will also encourage your guests to keep checking back. A fun idea for a survey would be something like, "What should Tom give out as groomsmen gifts?" Give the viewers three or four choices, and keep a running tally on the vote. It is up to you whether the results are binding, or if the groom is going to pick whatever he wants for groomsmen gifts, regardless of the survey. Guests will also enjoy participating in little quizzes, especially about the bride and groom. It would be really cute to give out a small prize at the rehearsal dinner to the person with the most correct answers.

In this day and age, when people spend half of their day on the computer, it only makes sense to create a website about your wedding. It is a fun project that the bride and groom can do together, and the perfect way to keep your guests informed about your wedding plans. Another nice reason to have a wedding site is that it will help to build excitement about your weddings among the guests, which will make the actual day that much more fun for everyone.
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