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Brochure and Postcard Printing: Postcard Printer Machines

Jul 5, 2008
The most lucrative way of advertising your company's products or services are through postcards. They not only conveniently reach your perspective customers but they are considered cost effective as well.

For any promotional campaign to be successful it must penetrate directly into the targeted portion of the marketplace. The quality of the printed postcards is an essential element. As the saying goes, 'garbage in - garbage out' so, therefore, you want to be sure that your input and processing requirements will produce the highest quality of output. One of the factors that are eminent to the quality of your output is the postcard-printing machine. Your design and the value of the paper that is used for the printing process can be of the highest standards but if the printing machine is incapable of printing in high-resolution graphics then your project may have a setback.

Earlier, postcards used to get printed only in offset presses, but advancement of printing technology and introduction of digital presses have changed the scenario. Digital presses offer more flexibilities and options without sacrificing on quality. You can choose from the wide range of design template as per your choice and merge your mailing list with the design to be printed in the final postcards.

Digital printer manufactures offer various features and attachments in their digital presses. Canon, hp and Kodak are leaders in this field because their machines deliver high-quality prints every time. Their machines are built in such a way to accommodate paper transfer and printing. All of the operations are simply controlled electronically by a control panel.

Gloss, matte and pearl finishes are used to print postcards and these come in a variety of thickness too. Most machines can print A3-sized paper. 4000 sheets of A4 sized paper can be printed in an hour using four different colors. Black and white printouts use A4 sheets also and the quantity per hour is 16000 copies.

The Internet can be used to download your postcard design and by using the control panel you can view the output on the monitor. Being placed in the printer queue one right after the other is a way to prioritize printing jobs.

Many postcards printing machines offer the option of both side printing at one go that delivers the finished postcards at a lesser turn around time. Variable data printing is the most powerful feature of these printing machines. These digital presses can make each and every postcard customized and unique. That is why digital printing is gaining growing acceptance in postcards printing segment.

Cutting and trimming the postcard is the final step in giving the postcard a particular shape after it has been printed. If you would like to add some additional affects then it may go to the other departments like embossing, UV varnishing and leafing. Although digital printing is a preference for most when utilizing the variable data printing method offset printing is still a favourite for long run jobs.
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