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Promotional Lanyards - Perfect For Employees And Customers

Jul 5, 2008
Promotional lanyards promote a sense of pride in your employees and are very effective marketing tools for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and more. The branded lanyard is becoming ever popular within the business community. The pen is always a great promo item and usually low cost, but not when compared to the lanyard. The array of designs, styles, colours, and materials available for promotional lanyards is quite complete and can lead you down a very long road as to how many different and effective designs there are to promote your company with a branded lanyard. The cost of branded lanyards is very low, and the items are quickly available in bulk quantities.

Lanyards have developed several basic types and shapes to choose from and listed below are some of the common choices.

Promotional Lanyard Basic Types

1) Tube Lanyards - Polyester fabric tube
2) Rope Lanyards - Polyester, nylon or cotton rope
3) Flat Lanyards - Flat piece of polyester, cotton, bamboo, PET and more
4) Breakaway Lanyards - Lanyards with a special connection that breaks open
5) Leather Lanyards - Lanyards made of various types of leather

The most inexpensive of the choices is the simple tube lanyard but even the most exotic of the lot only costs a relatively higher amount more. Most companies sell them in lots of 100 and the price decreases significantly for orders in the thousands. Two of the materials are directly related to the "green" movement of ecology friendly products - the bamboo and PET (recycled plastic). Some more unusual materials are available such as silicone and satin but are at the top point of the cost ladder.

Many promotional lanyards have a breakaway connection that causes the lanyard to detach from a person's neck if a choking force is applied, making it a very safe product for anyone to wear, even children. This simple safety device costs a little extra, but is very desirable in any industrial or factory setting.

With most of the materials, there are a dosen or more standard colours to choose from and custom orders are possible. The printing or embroidery on the lanyard includes many colour choices as well. The combinations can make stunning displays to promote the company's name and logo.

Promotional lanyards identify company members easily to each other, such as picking out British Airways personnel at an airport. It promotes pride in the company and a team spirit to serve the business mission to the highest expectations. The security aspects of easy employee identification and standard placement for identification badges can not be overstated during modern times.

Trade shows and exhibitions are superior opportunities for networking with customers or affiliates and having a large supply of promotional lanyards available is wonderful. It provides a useful and memorable reminder of the company to the customer or possible partner that will pay dividends in the future. Many employees have taken to using different lanyards everyday, much like neckties. Your branded lanyards will stimulate conversation about your business that is the best form of marketing.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Lanyards and Branded Lanyards at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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