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The Four Tier Annihilation Method

Jul 5, 2008
After a success hit with Players With Money, Alex Goad has released a smash hit in 4TAM that will turn any one that buys into a 6 figure a month cash cow.

Pump your bank account on steroids with over $3000 a day, everyday on complete autopilot. The underground tactics are legal and ethical, however powerful enough to smash your competitors into mince meat!

You will be glad to know that 4TAM is not about Google Adwords, Google Adsense, traditional Affiliate marketing, or even complicated SEO. Not only that, but the creator of this method is a self confessed bum who doesn't like to work more than ten hours a week. It doesn't require any site setup, capital, waiting, business or computer savvy, or gimmicks.

4TAM's methods are extremely easy to understand and implement. Each method is designed to bring in what ever your want to make from $100 a month to over $200,000 a month.

Like you and me, the creator of the 4TAM is an englishman named Saj, who has blown numerous dollars on "make money online" guru crap thats been floating around the net. Saj's luck came to a head one day which lead him to create the 4TAM. Now is the time to get away from these stupid crap ebooks that most internet marketers arent making a dime from.

The internet marketing industry is much like a pyramid:

-first level 1%

- second level: Marketers who cant really get to the top/4%

- third level: The people who never get anything going/95%

The 1% are the "big dogs" who make THE money. The big dogs control what gets to your mailbox, your thoughts on marketing, and a big chunk of what you purchase. They want you to be ignorant and disoriented, why? Becuase it keeps you coming to them for more and more. No matter what youve done to make money online, if youve failed it doesnt matter with 4TAM.

This system is not hours of work, however there are a few things you must do first. It will take you a few hours per module to get you going, but all you need is one to pull in a great income. No matter what, you must take initiative.
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