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How To Get A Top Ranking

Jul 5, 2008
When you're trying to get ranks into the top 10 of the search engines and more especially into the top spot, you'll need as many relevant links back to your site as you can possibly get.

When the search engines determine in what order to rank websites, they do this based on the content of the site as well as links pointing back to the site and also the internal structure of the links within the site. All of these factors come into play when determining what order the search engines assign to websites for keywords.

Of course this algorithm is much more complicated than I've described here, but getting your website submitted to directories is a great way to acquire some of those ever important links.

I've seen costs associated with a service like this for as much as $1 per directory, so for a list of 300 directories, you may pay as much as $300. If you look into some places online that offer this service, you may see this for as little as $100 or so for 1000 directories.

I usually analyze this as a cost benefit situation and also take into consideration the time value of money when I choose what makes sense as far as expenses.

I've timed about how long it takes me to submit to 5 directories and it is right around 4-5 minutes per directory, so in about 20 minutes, I'll have about 4-5 directories done.

If I'm going for 300 directories, even at a speed of 10 directories every 20 minutes or about 30 per hour, I'm still looking at about 10 hours of my time for 300 directories.

Take this into consideration, but if you want to get started seeing about how long this would take, consider a directory of directories that lists directories by page rank. The website I'm talking about is addurl.nu and can be accessed online.

There are several instances where you'll be able to simply do search on Google or Yahoo and come up with a lot of directories to list to and if or when possible, get your website listed in directories that are specific to your niche.

If you are attempting to get a website for "mountain biking" ranked in the search engines, ideally you'll search for and find "biking" directories or even mountain biking directories that will link back to your site. This is important as the search engines, especially Google reward relevancy. The more relevant or related the pages are that link to your content, the more value those links are assigned and the easier it will be to get your website high rankings for the search terms you're going for. As much as it might have some value, I wouldn't be nearly as focused on getting my mountain biking website listed in a wood-working directory for example.

Directories are an excellent way to get links back to your site and wherever it makes sense from a time-value-of-money perspective, you should be outsourcing this work. Many reputable sources will do this work for you for less than $100. Good luck and go get those rankings!
About the Author
Brian Armstrong is a professional internet business coach and mentor. He suggests manually submitting your website to directories for the SEO benefit.
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