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Where to Find Available Office Space

Aug 17, 2007
Available office space can be found in one of three ways. Each of their advantages and disadvantages are outlined below. For most people, a combination of the three is the best way to find available office space. Regardless of which one you choose, be sure to thoroughly research whichever office you decide on. Leases vary greatly and you will want to get a lease that fits the long term goals of your business. Consider lease payment, availability, size (leave room for expansion), neighborhood, and any other features and options you can think of. Will you be needing an internet connection? Verify that this is available should you need it now or in the near future.

The first thing that many people do is check with their network to find available office space. Often, the best space can be found by asking around to people in the industry. If you know of a client who has a great office space, you may want to give them a call and see if they have any suggestions. You never know, a great space may have just opened up in their building. You can also have them keep an eye out for you. This method of finding space is the easiest and most reliable.

Also, the most traditional way of finding available office space is through the newspaper classified ads. This will give you a listing of several options in your area. The only problem with using this as your sole source is that an ad does not give you a lot of information. You still need to drive to the property to check it out. This can often be a waste of time.

Some web sites offer office space to anybody who is in need. There is a site that is a great place to find available space without ever having to leave your house. They offer offices in 750 business locations across 60 different countries. This is a perfect site for anybody that is going to have to relocate to another city. Use a Google search in order to locate these types of web sites.

Office space can be found in abundance from the three sources listed above. Check them all out before deciding on your next office. This will be one of the biggest decisions you will make concerning your business and you should take the time necessary to fully evaluate all of the available options. You will be glad you did your home work before committing to any long term lease. Also, be sure the lease spells out exactly who is responsible for what. Disagreements in this area often times can be avoided with a well spelled out lease.
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