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5 Cool Online Ways To Make Money In College

Jul 5, 2008
In College? Then you probably need money. See below for 5 great ideas to make money in college.

The ideas below all work online, without having your own website. Several companies have set up revenue sharing lately, and you can benefit. Without ever learning Java, HTML, or Flash, you can set up your own little kingdom (or queendom!) of money earning sites.

Take a look at these:
1. Studentoffortune.com is a paid research site, where a student can post a question with a bounty, then you can answer and win the bounty. Granted, you don't actually have a site with this one, but you can still earn by answering questions.

But that's not all this site does. You can also offer your services as an onine tutor. Are you great at Math? Know anatomy like the back of your hand? Why not earn some money tutoring?

And to go one step further, the site recently added homework bounties - seriously. You can earn a nice bounty for your recently completed homework assignments to go on the site. When other students need some help, they can pay a bounty for access to your homework.

Top earners currently have made over $5000. Maybe you should get some these bounties. And if you find yourself stuck on your Macroeconomics homework, you can pay a bounty to get some help.

2. Treasuretrooper.com lets you fill out surveys that pay or offer free goodies. Survey sites went out of style, but they are back and better than ever.

The site follows a theme of hunting for treasure in the offers you complete, or the products you can sample. You can also play games and earn points to be traded for prizes. Sort of like an online version of skee-ball.

3. Cashcrate.com works similar to Treasuretrooper, but some like it better. Either way, you make money for college.

4. Squidoo.com lets you build a lens (to focus on a topic) for free, then you can add in affiliate links, adsense and so on to earn some money from it. The key here: think broad, and update often.

Being a squid also gives you a chance to publish your blog, if you have one, on your lens. You can also use lenses to channel traffic to your eBay auctions.

5. Hubpages.com has an approach similar to Squidoo, but offers a one time payment for doing serious work on a page, called a flagship hub. You have to meet their guidelines, but then you get $25 for building a resource page.

How Revenue Sharing Works
With Squidoo and Hubpages and others, you can build as many as you want. A couple of others of the saem type: Triond.com and Revver.com, which seems to focus more on video content than the others.

After you have set up a lens or page with one of these services, you promote it. Tell your friends, put in your blog, for instance. You could also buy adwords traffic, or use other ad services.

Then, when visitors come to your page and they like the content, they might click on an affiliate link of yours or an add. You receive a cut of the ad revenue. On Hubpages, you get 60%.

You can find more of these kinds of offers if you look. Making these work will take some solid effort, but getting started doesn't take anything but time. Then, you can work at it on your own schedule.

You can also try straight blogging with a free blog at google's blogger.com. You can set up a simple blog and fill it with good stuff like articles, pictures and links. And to make some money, you are allowed to sign up for a free adsense account and put some ads on your blog.

But be careful! Too many ads will get your blog blocked. You can promote your blog with articles like this one, and also on blog some sites that allow free blogs to be listed.

Once you have the skill of building content that earns money, you can duplicate it over and over with new topics and new locations on the web. It only takes effort and you can make money in college, for tuition or books or a nice meal - instead of ramen.

Get started!
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