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Video is the Future of Social Media Marketing Online

Bob Withers
Jul 5, 2008
Video is the future of social media online. Video online is a central storage area and delivery system for videos to be distributed, on demand, to any computer connected to the Internet, by means of up to date streaming technology and downloads.

The amount of video online is skyrocketing, whether it's "Bloopers" episodes or movie trailers and the key to monetizing video online is matching the consumer with what they'd be willing to buy right now.

The major broadcast networks are rushing to put video online because of user demand. In fact, Witzig said that watching video online is now the fastest growing form of consumer entertainment. The vast amount of video online is user generated and the most exciting part is what is yet to come; interactive video.

The user experience of watching video online is actually very different than reading a news article on a web page and interactivity would bring it to a whole new level. Watching television is a very passive pass time, while watching video online is more engaging, and online video advertising could be made much more engaging by adding the interactive element to the mix.

To say that video online is a massive market opportunity would be an understatement and getting your video advertisement online is safe, quick, and easy. It is inexpensive when compared to TV broadcasting and a video demonstration could clarify the advantages of your product.

The amazing thing about the explosion of video online is the huge numbers of people who are experimenting with the medium which only adds to the market potential for advertisers.

Video search engines and directories, online video publishing and sharing sites, web based video editing and post production services are springing up all over, demonstrating that the power of video is finally breaking away from the confines of television.

According to the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), "Blogs and online video are the most popular social media tools, 78 percent and 63 percent of marketers have used them, respectively, followed by social networks 56 percent and podcasts 49 percent.
Respondents show an overall high satisfaction level with social media tools. All rank three or higher on a scale of 1-5, but no one tool is a clear number one performer."

Another advantage of Video online is that it doesn't disappear when the ad campaign is over or your budget runs out. Video publishers, blogs, news sites, video search engines and sharing sites all get free quality video content around which to build and mold their own value added suggestions.

Successful companies have realized how valuable video can be to their marketing efforts. But the greatest potential value their videos have is completely wasted when these same companies publish videos that are embedded in their website, not allowing access to others for redistribution.

A great video about a great idea would provide fantastic content for other publishers to take and syndicate elsewhere. This could only lead to more exposure and more sales for the companies involved.

Video has finally come of age on the internet, and whether you simply want to share some home movies, shoot for your three minutes of video fame, or get your advertisement seen by the world, some truly inventive and adventurous ways exist to make it happen. Video is growing; it's here to stay and is the future of social media online.
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