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I Have Made Money At This Business Every Day For 6 Years

Jul 5, 2008
Yeah, I know. Blah, blah, blah make a million bucks a minute and do nothing.

I am sick of all these pitches by the self appointed gurus of internet marketing. Bottom line, if you want to make money you have to do something.

Well, I have been making money at this business every day for 6 years.

Basically I sell safelist memberships. I sell them for $12. bucks per year. They automatically renew each year if the members do not cancel. I originally bought into a similar type of concept organized by someone else. Basically the deal is they manage the safelist server (which can be costly and complicated) and I just sell memberships. for $12. each. They just charge me a small hosting fee of $15. per month and I keep all the profits.

I did great at first. I was selling those $12. memberships like crazy. You see I had already started building my own opt in list for my own marketing
newsletter and the list responded great.

(If you are not building subscribers to your own newsletter you should start now. It is the most important marketing method there is.)

Then the people running the safe list server started messing up. The server crashed and they did not get it back up. I was in a panic. This was a money maker!

What to do? I decided to set up my own safe list server and script and offer the same business opportunity for others.

I hired a programmer. They did a mediocre job but it worked. Constant problems though.Then I hired another programmer to give me a top of the line script and it worked much better.

I still sell the memberships every day. Here is a tutorial on what I do to sell the memberships.

I do not make $1000. per day with this but I make money everyday with this.

This is just one of many online businesses which allows me to make a full time living online.

If you are looking for money for nothing this ain't it. Sorry. It has worked for me though. Every day for 6 years. Now that is a real business. I could care less what the gurus think.

How did I do it? Well, first I contacted everyone in my newletter. Folks, if you are not capturing the names and email addresses of everyone who comes to your site you are losing most of your money. You need to be able to follow up over and over with your potential customers. I suggest using a service such as Aweber or Getresponse to manage your autoresponders and newsletters.

Then, I joined marketing forums and make real contributions. These are generally highly trafficed and ranked sites and the comments get indexed by the search engines. I put my ad in my signature file.

How about link exchanges? These really work. I use a link exchange management software called infowizards and also Arelis. I invite people to place their link on my site for free. People come place their link and see what I have to offer. I have writeen a complete tutorial on this on my site.
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Matthew Meyer is an internet marketer who runs http://www.topsafelistbiz.com where you can learn how to start your own safelist business. Click here to visit http://www.topsafelistbiz.com
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