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What is Affiliate Marketing and how do I get folks to my Website?

Jul 5, 2008
Hi I'm Todd Schuyler your spiderweb marketing system business leads expert. Welcome to my business opportunity article. What is Affiliate Marketing and how to I get people to my Website? Some of the affiliate marketing programs can make you rich. However, it takes patience and lots of hard work to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. You need to be patient and pick the right products to market. It is better if you do not quit your full-time job before your site starts making money. It takes time for your affiliate marketing to grow. You will not get rich overnight! You should target certain affiliates and try to concentrate on them.

The success of affiliate marketing depends on the number of visitors that you can attract to your website and the ability of the visitors to click on the ads that are displayed on the site and possibly buy the products advertised on your site. Thus, the first requirement is that you have a good website with content and you must place targeted ads on the sites that are revelant. Google adsense is a great program. Sign up with them for free and they will place ads on your site. If you do not have a web site yet, get one. I recommend going with an established website domain and hosting company like GDI. They have been around for several years and they also have a business aspect where you can earn a very nice income. They even have a free 7 day trial offer. Go to http://website.ws/toddschuyler and check it out.

You should build your website in such a way that potential visitors are not put off by the site design and the look and feel of the website. Don't clutter it with all kinds of ads, visuals, and popups. It will just drive your customers away. Your goal is to make sure your website visitors buy the products or services you offer. The rate at which the visitors click on the buy button compared to the ones that just simply view the ads is called the conversion rate. The higher this rate is, the better it is for your site and yourself. Monitor the conversion rates and stay with the affiliates that are giving you good rates. Thers no point in having an affiliate that gets 1000 hits but no clicks or sales.

You should choose a affiliate merchant program carefully that pays well. Don't underestimate the pay plans. Many affiliates offer great pay plans. Thus, it is up to you to choose which program you are going to join. There would be lots of competition among the affiliates and you need to be focused and stay on track.

Finally, give yourself an opportunity to try it out. You can try affiliate marketing for a few months. If it works, then you can go full time with it. Otherwise, you can always pursue this as an side job or to earn extra income for vacations, college, bills, etc. Here is a program I recommend. Finally what is the answer to What is Affiliate Marketing and how to I get people to my Website It's the spiderweb marketing system and it's free. It can really help you market your affiliate programs. Plus they have 22 other ways to make money too. Go http://www.thespiderwebsystem.com/businessopportunity today.

Thank you for reading this piece. I want you to succeed in afiliate marketing. Please remember that there are all kinds of help available on the internet. Many are free and training materials can be downloaded. See if you succeed they succeed. This is why they want you to do well. It ia win win situation. This is why the help is out there in the world of affiliate marketing. I'm Todd Schuyler until next time have a great life!
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