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One of the Most Vital Forms of Marketing Has to be "Email"

Jul 5, 2008
One of the most vital forms of marketing for your product or marketing has to be an email campaign.

Many people think that email marketing just does not work anymore; well I can assure you it does. As long as the campaign is targeted correctly, has great content and a follow up system is in place then you are more than half way there.

Sure, we have all received emails from individuals and deleted them straight away but ask yourself this, why did I delete this message before I even read it?

Here is the answer! Either the heading was wrong and did not hook you immediately, or the layout was incorrect. When you receive any email the first thing you see will be the heading if this does not capture your imagination, and then it is destined for the delete button.

Here are some examples of three genuine emails I received today, which one do you think I read?

"4 days left and we're 143 point in profit"
"Explode Traffic Overnight Increase Sales by 700% "
"Sales made easy"

Yes it was the second, "Explode Traffic Overnight Increase Sales by 700%" Why?

To me the headline was great, the use of the word Explode was a very good idea especially for the first word within this title, Overnight is also another great word to use and the 700% at the end of the title just about enticed me to look further.

I mentioned earlier that your emails should be targeted; well this email was targeted because I am always looking for new ideas for more traffic to my websites.

If you look at the first title "4 days left and we're 143 point in profit" I do not know what this email was all about but I can guess it was for gambling. It was obviously not targeted and I think the headline sucks. Nothing within this title would draw me in further would it you? I hope not!

Now the worst of them all, "Sales made easy" sales of what? Why is it made easy?

Whoever sent this email has just wasted a whole lot of money. 99.9% of the targets this email has been sent to will just hit the delete button straight away and the rest will probably open it by mistake.

Email campaigns can cost a lot of money, spend your money wisely!

Just like this second title above, use power keywords if possible at the beginning, middle and end of the heading.

Now once you have you reader hooked, do not lose them now, the most important feature of your email is the layout. The layout of this particular email was immaculate and very readable. The spacing was precise, two sentences and then a paragraph, whoever wrote the email also listed exactly what the benefits of joining were.

The only downside of this email was that it contained plenty of spelling mistakes, you should not have to worry too much about grammar but always do a spell check.

Within this email were exactly 354 words, I personally think that anymore than 400 are too many because the reader will just get bored.

As long as your email is factual and interesting it does not really matter how long your email is, however, your main agenda is to get your reader to click through to your sales page.

As long as you have accomplished this then you have done your job.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
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