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7 Ways To Verify Your Legitimate Work At Home Opportunity is Scam Free

Jul 5, 2008
How do you know that website claiming to be a legitimate work at home opportunity is really genuine? Since no work at home opportunity is ever going to confess to being a scam, its up to you to verify the legitimacy of a work at home job before you consider it. To help, here are 7 ways you can verify a legitimate work at home opportunity.

1. Verify testimonials:

If the company uses personal testimonials but does not allow you to verify the claim, its most likely a scam. Also take a look at the names and websites used in the testimonial. If the same name continues to pop up on other work at home job sites the person and the website is most likely associated with a scam.

2. Verify claims made on the website:

A legitimate work a home opportunity will usually allow you to get in touch with others in your area signed up to work for that company. When you do talk with these workers, ask them what exactly they do, how much they make, about similar opportunities and what the up front costs covers.

3. What the costs take care of:

If the company asks you to pay up front costs for inventory, training and/or equipment find out exactly what youre getting and how much its all actually worth. Some companies will over charge consumers, while others make the cost far too low. Both are signs of a scam.

4. Does the company have a physical address and where are the headquarters:

A legitimate work at home opportunity has more than just an email address or P.O box number, they always have a physical address that you can visit or mail questions to.

5. What types of products or service would you be selling? Legitimate work at home opportunities need to make money, therefore they are not going to ask you to sell a product that is low in demand. Is the product something people use right now? Is the price reasonable?

6. What types of methods would you use to market? Any company that tells you to snail mail or email about the opportunity is most likely a scam. Because reputation is so important for an online business, a legitimate work at home opportunity is not going to risk jeopardizing its good name by practicing illegal marketing methods such chain letters, spamming, or mass mailing.

7. Do you have to pay to do a regular job? There is a difference between a business and a job. If the company is asking you for money up front for a job you could apply to do for free walk away from the opportunity.

Legitimate work at home opportunities are not necessarily few and far apart; you just have to make sure that the company youre interested in working with is genuine before signing up with them.
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