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Decorating Your Home Office Best Practices

Jul 5, 2008
When you use your home as your place of work, you can easily start to envy people that you know. Working from home is a challenge. You are always bombarded with other things around the home that need to be done such as washing dishes, answering the phone, and doing the laundry. It is often that people who work for home catch themselves doing more work around the home when they should be doing real work. One thing that can prove to be a much needed sanctuary in the home, a room of escape, is the home enough. If your office is just a desk with a computer, some pens, and anything else, you might find that having the inspiration to stay in one place is very hard.

Being able to decorate a home office to fit your tastes and needs can become something very critical, especially if you are someone that works from home. One of the first things to think about is to figure out what kind of style is conducive to your work. Do you find that you work better when the room is full of light, or do you prefer to have the room a little darker so you can focus on the computer and your work?

Knowing the answer to this question can greatly help you decide which color you should paint your home office as well as what type and color of curtains you should use. In any case, these two items are not very expensive and can easily change a room drastically.

Another thing that is also easy as well as inexpensive is to fill the home office with accessories. Instead of using the boring old white coffee cup to hold your pencils and pens, find a small pot that is colorful to put your writing utensils in. If you have people coming in and out of your home office, you can add a coat rack to keep purses and jackets handy. A simple shaker coat rack can change a home office in way that is fit to what you want it to look and feel like.

Other ways to add more touches to your home office is to add lighting as well as scents. Visit your local home improvement store and find lamps that are artistic and aesthetic. This will help create a mood that will make you want to work instead of constantly leaving your office. Aromatherapy and candles are also a great way to get your creative juices flowing throughout your body. Many stores offer candles that you can buy that come in a large range of colors and scents for you to choose. You can also use incense.

No matter how you decide to change your home office, you should be able to have a room that is perfect for you to work. Staying at home is a challenge that many have to endeavor. If you go into your home office working without being prepared, you will most definitely be in the dark and your work ability will be hindered. Get your creative juices flowing and find subtle ways to decorate your home office into a room that you enjoy working and being in for periods doing the day.
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