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Do Not Lose Another Sale in Your MLM Business

Jul 6, 2008
Selling is the most important skill of your mlm business. Without it you will not succeed. It should be your best friend. Learn the art of selling and you will have mlm success.

Is being a network marketer means that you are a sales person? Or is being a salesperson a totally different profession?

I asked my upline this question once and he told me that being a sales person is different to mlm. However, some months later I read a book called The Renegade Network Marketer which contradicts this belief.

The book states that every entrepreneur is a salesperson. Whether you are a traditional business owner or a network marketer, you are a salesman or woman.

So, why are we ashamed to call ourselves salespeople? Is it because of the negative stigma associated with salesmen?

I certainly believe so. I have had my share of encounters with salespeople and I know how annoying they can be. Worst yet telemarketers. They keep calling and calling after you already told them that you are not interested in their product.

But, like I said earlier we are salesmen and women. So how do we sell our goods without irritating our potential customer?

Simple. We supply to their needs.

When you approach your customer do you go with the belief that the goods you are offering are the best on the market? Or do you approach with a huge amount of questions to ask?

If you go to customers believing that you have the best product then you are no different to the typical door to door salesman or the telemarketer. Thus you will face a lot more rejection than success.

Try this approach. Build a relationship with your customer before you even try to sell something. Get to know their needs and wants by asking as much questions as possible.

In other words listen to your customer and do not go on and on about how great your product is. Avoid the sales pitch.

Here is an example. I was at home one day when I was approached by a salesman. He came up to my door and immediately began selling me his products which were stuffed ducks.

Immediately I was turned off. I had no reason in the world to purchase a stuffed duck no matter how cute they were. I am a grown man; I had no money to spare on such an item; and also no girl to give it to (at the time). Why on earth would I buy a stuffed duck?

That salesman was not supplying to my needs or wants. So he wasted time and money in his effort.

So supply to customers wants and needs. This will bring you closer to mlm success.

Here is another approach. It is called educational marketing. You market your products by giving away free information to your potential customers.

Many business men do this through public speaking. They educate the audience who in turn develop a sense of loyalty to the business man and his products.

Here is another example of educational marketing. Take a look at the reality show called Making The Band by Sean (P. Diddy) Combs.

P. Diddy gives away free information on how the band is made, how the music is recorded as well as the different personalities of each band member. He also shows all the trials and obstacles that the band overcomes.

And guess what, the albums sold millions of copies. After viewing the series the public felt loyal to the band and went out and bought copies.

So try educational marketing in your mlm business. Educate your customers about the problems they are experiencing and the possible treatments.

For example: if you are supplying anti aging products, why not discuss the causes of aging and also the different methods of treatments available. Then, when you see that your customers are loyal to you, recommend your product.

Learning these selling skills will mean the difference between mlm success and failure. Make them your best friend and your network marketing business will grow.
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Crystian Coldeira is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. If you want to get in touch with Crystian or see an example of educational marketing then Click Here.
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