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Why Use a Search Engine Submission Company?

Jul 6, 2008
It is often believe by SEO professionals that if your web site is not attracting new business, and increasing in hits on a weekly and monthly basis, then you web site has officially entered the internet world know as the "dead zone". Bu hiring a Search Engine Submission Company, your can help you website get out of this dead zone. There are many of these companies out there that claim to be able to help you, but do your research before you get involved with a Search Engine Submission Company.

They type of programs that a good Search Engine Submission Company will offer can vary greatly. From a simple monthly submission to the search engines, to full optimization of your website and key words and submission to hundreds of thousands of link directories in an attempt to get back links to your site.

Just building the most beautiful website, and uploading it your server, will do nothing for you unless the search engines know you are there. You can however wait for them, but you will be waiting some time for their crawlers to actually find your site. Sometimes six to twelve months.

How search engines actually work is by sending what are called bots out that search the internet for new content then spider your site. They will find you only two ways. If you tell them directly that you are there, or if they find your website link on another important site they are already spidering.

How Google decides to show you site in the search listing for a specific search term depends on a few things. How important and relevant Google feels your site will be to the searcher is the biggest decision factor. The importance factor come from if the search engine actually knows you exist, and how many other sites are pointing back to your site, and how much traffic your site is receiving. The relevant factor comes from if the contents of your site, matches what the searcher is searching for.

Now, what you want a good search engine submission company to do for you is actually four things. Have one of their professional SEO annalists take a look at your site and ensure it is optimized properly before beginning a SEO campaign. Then manually submit your website to the top ten search engines following each of these search engines rules. Automatically submit your website to the more than 10,000 other smaller search engines also following all the submission rules. And finally, submit you website to as many directory services possible, in the proper categories, with the proper keywords, to create as many back links as possible pointing to your website.

This type of service by a search engine submission company is not a one time thing. It must go on for six months to a year to have any lasting effect. During this type of campaign, it is your job to use other internet marketing tactics to help improve the ranking of your web site.

In closing, proper SEO marketing will be the do or die for your website. Traffic is the only thing that will lead into sales. by hiring a search engine submission company to do all this work, it can leave you to concentrate on your business, promotion, and sales.
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