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Three Chiropractic Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice

Jul 6, 2008
With all of the options today for your practice, knowing which marketing strategies to use can be difficult. Here are three chiropractic marketing tips that you should look into.

Chiropractic Marketing Tips 1: The Internet

Who isn't connected to the internet these days? People spend countless hours on the web just surfing, downloading, chatting etc. Why don't you make use of this market by setting up your own website. Just set up a basic website first. A website that tells somebody about yourself, the services that you aim to give, and even a special offer to new patients.

Once you set up a website, you can ask current patients for testimonials to post on your website. These testimonials will help convince prospective patients that you are a real, caring doctor that has seen successful cases in your practice.

It's important not to focus on building a fancy or pretty website. Not only will this cost you a lot of money, but it is not effective in getting new patients. It's best to keep it very simple, yet focused. Your site for new patients should be easy to load and read. You want the new patient to call you to schedule an appointment, so your website should lead them to this action.

A simple web address that people will surely remember can be one of the steps that you can take. Aside from that, make sure that your site contains common keywords that your prospective patients will likely search for. The more keyword focused you can be on your website (within reason), the more traffic will be driven to you through the major search engines. When I teach doctors on how to set up their websites, I will recommend they focus their pages on keywords people are searching for in their area.

Chiropractic Marketing Tips 2: Radio

You can try radio broadcasting. Before anything else, figure out the market that you are targeting because this will play an important factor in the radio station that you will get, the time slot that you will play, duration of your ad, etc. As a tip, the time that most people drive to and from work are the peak hours since most people will be tuned to their radio. Although it will definitely reach a lot of listeners, this will cost you more money.

Chiropractic Marketing Tips 3: Yellow Pages

When people need help right now, they still turn to the Yellow Pages for a chiropractor. Once you decide to put up an ad in the yellow pages, make sure that you provide an attention grabbing headline. After the headline, a list of bullets detailing your services and how they benefit the patient. Also focus on what makes your office different. Keep the images small and to a minimum. You want to use the valuable space in your ad to convince the prospect to call you.

These are just a few chiropractic marketing tips that will help you get started.
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