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Get Results Faster With A Business Mentor

Jul 6, 2008
Struggling on alone in your business through a succession of costly mistakes is both frustrating and demoralizing.

The old way of learning by trial and error is always an option if you have stubborn determination, endless time and lots of money to finance your mistakes! As the majority of businesses fail, this is a testament to the fact that this system doesn't work effectively. It makes sense that if most people fail and you do what most people are doing, then you are heading for failure also.

Stop and ask yourself if you really want to keep making costly mistakes or if you would be better off investing in getting knowledge and wisdom from someone else who knows more about your business than you do.

When you choose a business mentor, be sure to check their experience both in business and as a mentor. Does the person have a proven track record?

Be sure to consider the structure of the mentoring process. Will you be able to get all the answers you need to make the best possible decisions?

Take the first step towards building a healthy relationship with your mentor by isolating what you are wanting and when you want it by.

Statistically over 90% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Considering this strong dose of reality can help you appreciate the role of interacting with your mentor and getting your business up to full power asap. How can you even consider the "crash and burn" approach when you are sincere about your success?

We all know that spending one on one time with a teacher is the fastest way to learn something. Consider learning how to use a new computer program via a manual or a friend who shows you the ropes, which would you prefer? And which way do you think is most effective? One very helpful ability for any business owner is to conserve energy. When we quit learning by trial and error we can save all the emotional energy that comes with losing money and making mistakes.
About the Author
For 18 years, Robin J. Elliott has consulted with business professionals around the globe and is now offering selected business professionals a Business Mentoring Program in Vancouver, Canada. This is a powerful and rare chance to learn from Mr. Elliot's vast experience as a business mentor.
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