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Decorating A Home Office

Jul 6, 2008
When you work from home, you can easily become the envy of people that you know. However, working from home can prove to be a challenge in many different ways. You are constantly bombarded with other things that need to and should be done while you are working. You can always find clothes that need washing, dishes that need drying, or babies that need to be rocked. However, one thing that can prove to be a sanctuary and a place to really escape a house and the everyday things that distract a work at home individual, is a home office. But, if your office is just a desk with a computer on it, then you may find inspiration to stay in one area a hard thing to come by.

That is why decorating a home office to suit your tastes is a critical aspect for someone who works from their home.

One of the first things to consider when beginning decorating a home office is what style is conducive to your work? Do you function better when the light is filling the room, or do you like to have it a little darker so that you can focus on just you and your computer?

Understanding the answer to this question can help you decide if you need to paint your space or if adding the right color curtains is the key to helping you work better. Either way, they are both not very expensive and can help to change a room easily.

One thing that can also prove an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a home office is by filling it with great accessories. For example, instead of using a plain coffee cup to hold your pens, find a really pretty small pot or a unique standard pen holder. If you have people that come into your office for visits, do not forget to add a pretty
coat rack to keep their purses and jackets handy. You can find these in a variety of types including a shaker coat rack if you like simplicity.

Other easy ways to decorate your home office include lighting and scent. By locating pretty lamps that are more artistic then aesthetic you can create a creative mood to help you in your working world.

Candles and aromatherapy can also help to keep the creative justices flowing. By simply visiting your local Pier One or other retailer you can find a variety of great candles and incense that please your senses.

If you chose an office coat rack or scented candles, one should always have a great space to work in if they work from home. Staying at home is a challenge, but working from home can prove to be a huge endeavor. Going at it unprepared can help to keep one in the dark with their potential creativity. So, get those creative juices flowing and decorate your space the way that you like it, and learn to love going to work even
if you do it in your pajamas.
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