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How the Development of an Application for the Web Can Change Your Business

Jul 6, 2008
These days, Internet marketing is a global industry. Unlike other global industries, however, there are no borders to hold back growth. Marketers can work in virtually any corner of the globe and reach an audience that spans six continents and millions of potential customers. In such a wide marketplace, how do you present your company in the most effective way possible?

There are a number of key factors to remember when trying to reach a global audience. With the widespread availability of the Internet, making your business appealing to people around the world is the quickest way to gain high visibility. Globalizing doesn't necessarily mean having an office in every country. In many cases, it doesn't even mean having a multicultural staff or speaking a second language.

Optimizing Your Website for International Users

Appealing to a global audience could be as simple as accounting for the differences in address formats. This is a major issue for international customers. Trying to enter their information in fields that accommodate only an American address or phone number will cause customers to go elsewhere.

It is also essential to be sensitive to the cultural differences between your own location and the location of your customers. Slang and informal speech are two major sources of misunderstanding between international business people. Since so many business people speak English as a second language, it is very important to use global English rather than regional English when conducting business with a non-native English speaker. Consider hiring a writer who is an expert in Simplified Technical English to look over your content. STE is even more basic than global English and can help the non-native English speaker tremendously with comprehension.

Your website may need to have special capabilities to help you communicate with customers from many countries. Depending on the size of your company and the services offered, you may need to build several versions of each web page, each in a different language.

If you decide to present your website in different languages, be careful to maintain high quality. Many translated pages on the Internet today are not translated well and can cause customers to turn away. A professionally written and expertly translated page makes a very large difference to your potential customers.

Your website and web page design play a large part in the global marketplace. Choosing and implementing e-marketing solutions that meet the demands of today's borderless community is not easy. Website design and website promotion are more challenging when in the context of a global market.

Finding a Solution to Globalization Challenges

A company or individual skilled in development of applications for the web can help you overcome these globalization obstacles. A company who can handle your website development, application web development and associated support will often take you from local business to global business. The transition is almost effortless on your part when you have an experienced web development team by your side.

The development of applications for your website will give your site individuality and ease of use. These two qualities are very important when doing business in the global marketplace. In fact, the development of applications for your website may be among the most essential steps when presenting your business to the world.

Just the development of one application for your website that is distinctive from the competition can make all of the difference. What if your customers were able to accomplish on your website something that couldn't be accomplished anywhere else? Having a custom application built in to your site will set you apart while building interest in your site and your business.

The Future of Globalization for Your Business

For companies who are able to accommodate the varying needs of global customers, the rewards far outweigh the effort required. Revenues and visibility rise exponentially when a website goes global. What starts out as a simple business idea today could be the next big thing tomorrow.

Whether you are selling your website development skills to someone in Paris or selling a briefcase to someone in Tokyo, globalization can take you to great places. It's easier than you may think to get started advertising your business to potential customers around the world. If you aren't able to design your own site, hire an expert firm to do it for you.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web promotion services for a wide variety of clients.
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