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Creative Website Web Page Design Works Wonders

Jul 6, 2008
You can do it yourself, or you can get someone to do it for you, just make sure it's done right. We're talking about website web page design here, something that you need to think of right from the start when establishing or reconfiguring your web presence. Your website's attractiveness and usability depends on excellent website web page design. Web page design done right means a better chance that visitors to your site will stay there. Creative website web page design works wonders for e-commerce because it make a page easy to navigate and read.

What do you need to consider when it comes to web page design? The following are some of the major things to consider in making your pages visually pleasing and user-friendly.

* Contrast: Contrast adds visual interest to a web page. Contrast occurs when two web page elements are visually different. This makes them stand out. This makes each one get noticed. If things look a little different, it's not striking enough. You want them looking the same for visual harmony or totally different for obvious contrast. Add contrast to your web pages to spark visitors' interest in the contrasting elements.

* Proximity: When designing your web page, items relating to one another should be grouped close together. Related items grouped together become one visual chunk or unit. This means your visitors do not have to look everywhere for related information. With proximity of related information, your page is organized and less confusing to a reader. It gives a general impression of clarity and structure.

* Alignment: You should not place anything on your web page haphazardly. You do not want your web page to resemble an avant-garde artist's splashing, unless you're an avant-garde artist promoting your work. Every element on your web page needs to have some connection to another element on your web page. This gives your page cohesiveness and a clean, organized look that allows for comfortable eye travel from one element to the next.

* Repetition: The repeated use of visual elements is very important in website web page design. This could be color, shapes, graphics, photos, shapes, background textures and spatial relationships. It could also be fonts, sizes and thickness of lines and borders. Repetition promotes an organized, pleasing appearance and gives unity to a website.

Consider the four basic web page design elements above and then consider some of these additional points to make your website web page design appealing:

* Make sure your navigation links are readily available at the top or sides of your page. Don't make your web page visitors have to scroll down the page searching for the navigation tabs.

* Try not to make your visitor scroll sideways. That's annoying too. Have everything viewable within the frame, so there is no side-to-side scrolling movement to find text and graphics.

* Don't use a gaudy fluorescent background color for your web page, especially with text of similar luminosity. Those elements are eye-killers. You want your readers to have a comfortable reading experience. They do not want to feel they're witnessing an online fireworks display as they read.

* Don't use "default blue" for your link colors or even your main text. Show some ingenuity: use text and link colors appropriate to your web page theme. The "default blue" is a sign of laziness in website web page design and shows a lack of creativity and sophistication for the web design process.

* Don't overdo the bold words on your web page. Bold words with extreme care because you lessen the effect of this design element when there are as many bold words as plain type words on a web page.

Finally, clean and simple is something to give great thought to when designing a web page. Most people do not enjoy clutter in their home. Consequently, they certainly will not enjoy clutter on your web pages. Clutter on web pages gives the impression you're not very organized. It also conveys the message that you're not very professional.

Remember, website web page design is a tool for presenting you and your website properly to your visitors. Your web pages are ambassadors for your business. You want them organized and structured, while still full of creativity and your unique business personality. Website web page design means doing the homework necessary to get it right. Let well-planned, creative design work wonders for your business.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web design services for a wide variety of clients.
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