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Must-Knows on Image and Web Hosting

Jul 6, 2008
An image hosting website provides access to a user to upload images which they can share with other viewers. Most of such image-hosting sites are for free and all one needs to do is just create a logon ID and have an internet account. In most cases, one can edit the images, upload them in any size and display those in the form of albums or slideshows. In the fast-paced age, such websites help friends staying across continents remain in touch or old grandparents see how their grandchildren look like. Many webmail sites also have image hosting interfaces for example yahoophotos.

Following are the generic features of image hosting sites:

1. There is a limit to the size of each image that one can upload.

2. Often there are options of multiple uploads upload at one time when the image hosting site uses a FTP server.

3. Most image hosting websites give options to edit images and view those in slideshows.

4. The user can add descriptions to the images and personalize those. The description may include keywords that can be optimized by search engines.

5. Image hosting websites also provide you with options to link your images to other websites using HTML codes, BBcode etc.

6. There are also options where one can directly upload images from camera and camera phones to the website.

How does image hosting generate revenue?

Since most of the image-hosting websites are for free, one may wonder how does it run? These websites run on advertisements displayed at the top of the page. Showing advertisement to the users help the website owner generate revenue to help buy better and bigger server space to host more images. Many websites offer specialized services like password-protected images, customizable skins and subdomains for which they may charge minimal yearly subscription fees. However mostly the cost of buying and maintaining a web space is generally is generally quite less and can be easily generated through advertisements.

Often image hosting websites also connect the users to stock photography sites where amateur or professional photographers are paid for their images if their photographs get published.

With various online business options being available, image hosting is something that many are opting for - mainly because it is easy to manage and hardly requires any technical expertise or initial investment. The demand for a web space where people can upload and share their images will always be there. So image hosting will probably never go out of business as digital revolution takes over the world. If the host can generate enough users for their image hosting website then relevant advertisements for digital cameras, scanners will also be readily available. Advertisements will ensure a steady source of income.

Know about Web Hosting:

Web hosting functions the same way as image hosting websites. Again revenue is mostly generated through online advertisements. The trick is getting enough users to sign up for your web space. Some web space ideas could be opening some portal like Facebook, news portal or blogs.
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