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Purchase Network Marketing Leads or Become a Renegade Marketer?

Jul 6, 2008
You've got a problem. If not solved soon, this difficulty could spell the end of your entrepreneurial endeavors. The best network marketing company in the world can't save you if you're in the NFL (no friends left) club.

After reading all of the network marketing books you begin to realize that you just don't enjoy the style of doing business by using the old three feet rule. So you purchase some red hot business opportunity leads on the Internet and cross your fingers.

The lead list you purchased is full of deadbeats and disconnected numbers. Like Smokey Robinson, you've got the tears of a clown. Yet, deep inside you, there's a successful person itching to get out like Pandora listlessly climbing out of the box.

You're hungry, passionate, and willing to work. But you're smart enough to recognize that people sense you're desperation and you're repelling them instead of attracting them to your business.

Your network marketing job isn't paying the bills; in-fact, it's costing you money to pursue your dream of time freedom, travel, and extra money. You start to wonder if network marketing is a scam and perhaps you should put your dreams back in the dusty attic and begrudgingly accept your nine to five. Your other option is to purchase one last batch of leads for $300 in the hopes of landing a new partner or at least sale some product

In all honesty, how do you think you're going to come off on the phone? Did you know that somewhere around 38% of voice communication is in your tone? It's almost impossible to fake it and sound confident when, in reality, you're desperate, discouraged and needy. Therefore, purchasing targeted MLM leads at this point may be self defeating.

Here is your renegade system; create your own network marketing leads and begin to build your list. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been trained by the network marketing gurus to do it all wrong.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: your up-line offers an advertising co-op lead generation tool that just happens to have the guru's picture plastered all over the advertisement. Congratulations, you just paid to brand the guru as the expert.

If this is where you are at, it might be time to dismiss the MLM gurus and become a renegade network marketer.

The secret is that you need to become the expert. The good thing is, it's not as difficult as you think it is. Success leaves clues and all you have to do is follow the crumbs. So why couldn't you expect to end up at the same destination?

Conspiracy theorist have said that the government captured a crash landed UFO in the forties. Since then, we've apparently been back-engineering it in an effort to make it fly. I found a fun exercise to do is to back engineer the so-called guru's network marketing strategies. You can do it too.

Ask yourself: what are they doing to generate leads? More than likely, they are engaged in "attraction marketing." That is, they are adding so much value and expertise to their prospects that people naturally flock to them.

For example, I know of a very successful network marketer who became the top reseller in her company. She's a stay-at-home mom with a fantastic rags-to-riches story. She found a product that did wonders for her diabetes and now holds a weekly support group for diabetics. She's positioned herself as an expert and has created a community that she can now serve.

The key to network marketing success and lead generation is finding a way to serve a community of like minded individuals. Attraction marketing will then begin to magnetize itself and draw people to you in a natural and organic way. Since your purpose is to serve, your tone and attitude becomes a source of energy and attractiveness.

At this point you can begin to use the wonders of the Internet to broadcast your story around the globe. The great thing is, the best tools are free and the search engines are begging for fresh content in the form of podcasts, blogs, articles, press releases, and videos to name a few. Never again do you need to be the victim of unscrupulous business opportunity list agents. You are on your path to a new renegade system of lead generation.
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Rich O'Brien is an educator, new media content producer and renegade marketing coach. He teaches people how to rapidly build their opt-in lists for free. Visit his blog:
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