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Jul 6, 2008
If your new to the Search Engine Marketing club then there are ways you can learn HOW to go about this. You can find out what all these terms are, like for example, optimization, PPC, backlinks, etc. Of course you could just look online, but if your looking for the whole "package" so to speak, there is Search Engine Kits especially made for someone like you. These kits usually come with some sort of a price tag, but this would be a good thing to invest in. This way you wont be lost doing it by yourself, but you also wont have to hire someone every single time you need to optimize a website, or want to know about how to do this or that, etc.

Your best bet is to go to Google and search for "Search Engine Marketing Kits." A zillion different results will come up, so who do you choose? Well if you know absolutely %100 nothing about this kind of stuff, sites like SitePoint and SEOBook wont make much of a difference to you. So instead I'm going to do you an easy favor and recommend one site, or rather one Author. By the way you can also find Search Engine Marketing "kits" in offline stores as well, try Barnes & Noble and either go to the business/Internet section or ask them for book about Search Engine Marketing. These probably wont be REAL kits per se. Instead they will be actual books, but still they will be loaded with a ton of valuable information. You will thank me later!

The main site I want to recommend is actually one of the ones I mentioned above, SitePoint. SP is recommended by everyone so this was an easy target for THE best site to go to for Search Engine Marketing Kits The kit is made by author - writer extraordinaire, Dan Thies. The kit itself is semi expensive but you can bet its value in gold bars. I have no doubt in this whatsoever. Dan had an old version of the kit (that is probably less expensive) but the NEW updated version is the 2.0 one. Some of the things this kit includes:

Learn ways to maximize traffic
Keyword strategies
How to optimize and build links
Avoid getting banned from SEs
Create, Optimize and manage PPC campaigns

If your NOT completely sure about it he even has a nifty "sample" that's free.

Now don't fret, OK? If you cant afford that much or don't want to buy something you cant physically get your hands on before you hand over the cable bill money, its alright. You can do this on your own, it will just take a lot more than a kit and a few DVDs to teach you. Search online or through articles about Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEM, Optimizing my site, etc. Your bound to find lots of FREE information from all sorts of people. Search out anything and anyone you can. Ive taught myself everything I know and it wasn't exactly rocket science. You just need a little common sense and a lot of patience and determination! Don't give up.. remember there is no real quick fix!
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