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Government Business Grants-Expanding Your Horizons

Jul 6, 2008
Government business grants are readily available, but they are very detailed and can be quite complicated when it comes to understanding them, especially if you are getting your information from a government website. If you think the government is just handing out money for you to start a business, think again.

Now don't get me wrong, you can get grants through the government. But they are going to expect something in return. You may be awarded money but there will most likely be specific requirements associated with this money. For example, one of the current grants available is Veterans Entrepreneurial Training and Counseling. The award is $150,000 and that is what you are expected to do with the money--give entrepreneurial training and counseling to veterans.

Most grants are similar to this in the respect that you are given money to perform a specific job. That does not mean that you cannot use this to fund your business, if your business is helping others start their own businesses. Many of the specific requirements of government grants can be quite fulfilling and they may not be exactly what you had anticipated, but that does not mean that you cannot make it work for your business.

Grants.gov is a good place to start looking for government grants, but these listing can be somewhat detailed. You may want to consider using a database that lists the many grants that the government has available. You may also need assistance when it comes to writing proposal to get this money. That can get be a complex task also. There are several sources that exist that can provide you with the information necessary to apply for a government grants for small businesses.

Starting a business or taking your business a different direction can be a very exciting time in your life. Taking on a project that comes with a government grant can be just the challenge you are looking for to expand your horizons. Most people do not like the unknown, but that is sometimes where we have our best experiences--by trying something new and different.

There are government grants for many things. Are you thinking about going back to school? Would you like to buy a home and renovate it? Would you like to start a day care center in a community that badly needs one? These are just a few of the other things that you can do with a government grant.
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