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The Fellowship of the Affiliate Revenue Program

Jul 6, 2008
Perhaps one of the most moving moments in the Lord of the Rings movie series was when Sam looks at Frodo and says, "I just want to share the load." Sam knew there was a burden Frodo carried and he knew there would be grave consequences if the ring weren't destroyed.

At first Frodo rejected his help and believed that Sam did not have his best interest in mind. In time Frodo discovered Sam really was the best sort of friend and lamented his treatment of his fellow hobbit.

In an odd way this is the idea behind the fellowship of the affiliate revenue program. It may seem like an odd comparison, but these programs, by their very design, are intended to be mutual load bearing.

When a business wants to expand they often look to the development of an affiliate program so that other individuals can come alongside the business and shoulder the load of marketing and drawing in customers. When one succeeds both will profit. If one fails so does the other.

Both sides are inextricably tied to each other. Like Frodo and Sam traveling through middle earth encountering Orcs, a creepy little guy named Gollum and a rather large spider - each foe serves to hinder the ultimate success of the duo. There are others that are cheering the duo on and seeking to remove barriers to ultimate success. For the sake of our heroes we are glad to see them succeed.

The totality of the team involved in affiliate revenue is something like the fellowship. Each individual plays a role that can lead to ultimate success for all. In that respect they remain tied by an invisible yet real bond.

The business that began the affiliate revenue program needs the help of those who sign on to be affiliates. The reverse is also true.

Each participant has a vested interest the success of the venture. The fact that everything is tied together so neatly makes an affiliate revenue program one that seems potentially beneficial at first blush, but the linking of arms in a broad network serves to advance the purpose of the primary business and reward the affiliate for standing with them in the midst of growth.

For some web site owners this type of program is their primary means of residual income while others use it to supplement a smaller online store of their own. Some are successful enough to make a living through these programs.

However you wish to describe the role of affiliate revenue programs they are designed to provide mutual benefit while rewarding website owners for bringing new customers to the primary site. Each affiliate provides a portal for visitors to link through. When linking though your website you are credited with a commission or a referral bonus. For some individuals there is more to be made in affiliate revenue programs then there is with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs.

You want to succeed and so does the primary site you are working with. Two people working with the same objectives remains much more powerful than trying to do it alone. Therein lies the power of this type of program.
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