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Learn To Start A Party Planning Business

Jul 7, 2008
Are you planning to start a new business? Can you work under pressure? Are you an organized individual? Then a career in event and party planning might be in store for you. Starting a new business nowadays is very time consuming and difficult to start but if your creative and have the knack for smooth planning then this business would fit you just right.

Party planners help organize and plan many different types of events. Some party planners openly focus on specific events such as birthdays and weddings. If you are interested in this kind of business it is a great idea to broaden your horizon and choose to accept different kinds of events and not limit yourself to only some certain events.

It is very unusual for party planners to plan and organize just a portion of an event. The duties a party planner would depend on the needs of the clients. These could range from hiring and working with the caterers, entertainment systems, transportation and the location and decoration for the event.

Do a lot of research about the business. Know the competition in your locality. Knowing what services they provide would give you an edge and make some necessary adjustments so you would not be left behind. It is also important that you would know the rates of your competitors so you cloud price your services justly and at the same time attract customers with a rate that they would love.

It is also best that you have a background on your clients and ready estimates for their events, this way you could adjust prices depending on the quantity of guests and the amount of work to be done for the event. Always make sure what duties includes in the prices, so your clients would be informed of what you would do and they would easily understand that additional duties means another fee.

Trends are always present and living up to these trends could also determine how likable your event organizing would be. If you could convince clients that you are knowledgeable with these trends then they would prefer to have you as their planner. An example of this trends are teen-trends, some teen birthday parties have themes and would like to follow certain trends: knowing cool party spots and shindigs, newest fashion trends and theme, and the hottest music.

Generally what would make you successful in this business is how much you know your locality, clients, their needs and the ever changing trends. Keeping track of these is like keeping track of your business and adjusting to the every needs and wants of your clients. Understand them well and you will never go out of business.
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Hunter Crowell is a researcher, avid money maker, and creator of Start A Party Planning Business, a web page setup to help planners earn cash. http://www.make-money-explained.info/partyplanning.html
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