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WAHM Strategies When Kids Are Home During the Summer

Jul 7, 2008
Your WAHM career probably hits a major bump in early June, when the kids are home during the day from school, and they might just be too much for you to handle. It is easy to get the same amount of work done, however, so if you follow some easy tips you'll be able to have smooth sailing, during the summer and all year round!

First of all, get everyone on schedule as much as you can. Remember that you want to spend time with your kids, after all, that's what being a mom is all about - but you also need to get your work done. A good suggestion is to look at your kids' sleeping schedules. Do they like to stay up later than usual and then sleep in during those summer mornings? If so, you know that early mornings will be the best time for you to get that quiet-time work done on your computer or anywhere else. Schedule your toughest work when they'll still be sleeping.

If your kids are still on a go-to-bed-early and get-up-with-the-sun type schedule, use those few hours between when they are going to bed and when you are to get that work done that needs to be completed without any interruption. If you can work while they are still sleeping, you'll be better off.

Next, be sure that you also schedule a quiet time early in the afternoon. This can be right after your late sleepers get up and eat, or after lunch for your early-risers. Explain to the kids that it is important to do quiet activities at least once a day - and have them read books, or do educational games. The little ones can even take a nap if they were up early. Use this hour or so to get more work done.

Another great option is to enroll your kids in a couple of summer activities that you don't need to be present for. You'll have to go to the games if you put them in a sport, but you'll have the times when they are practicing. There are great education things like discovery programs and music lessons that kids like to do during the summer. If you can get an afternoon or two a week out of a program, you will be able to concentrate on your work even more.

Lastly, remember that being organized is one of the best ways to deal with your kids and your work all at once. If you have a nicely organized home as well as office, then your kids can find their toys, know where the scissors are for art projects, and not need to bother you every five minutes to help them find something. You'd be surprised at how quickly interruptions can add up, so keep organized to keep on top of it. Also, try to schedule yourself enough time to simply be with your kids during the summer.

These years will go fast, and soon they won't even want to be around when the weather is nice!
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