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How Google Adwords Can Dramatically Increase Your Profits

Aug 17, 2007
One of the biggest keys to having a successful website is to be able to drive potential clients to your site. This is not easy since the competition is fierce. It won't matter if you have a great website and a needed service, if no one knows that your site exists. One of the best ways to get your site noticed is with Google's Adwords. This is an advertising service provided by Google and is bound to increase the flow of traffic to your site.

Google receives over 200 million queries on their search engine. Did I mention that that was per day? Yep, you heard me right. Consider how many sales you could wrack up if just a fraction of those 200 mill came to pay your site a visit. Listing your business on their search engine will do just that. It's not just enough to be included in the search engine, you need a high ranking to get noticed. To help business do that, Google began a service called Adwords.

By using Google Adwords, you can target a specific audience that might be interested in your product. By subscribing to this service, when a person searches a topic that is related to your service, your advertisement will show under "Sponsored Links" on the search result page. This will inspire people to click on your ad to see if you're offering what they are looking for.

The way you subscribe to this service is by contacting the Google Adwords Service and opening an account with them. You can then put in the specific type of people that you are targeting, including the country and the language. Be careful when inputting this information to ensure that you reach only those people that you are hoping to have as customers. After that you can use their tools to design your ad.

This is a pay by click service, so decide beforehand how much you are willing to pay so that your bids will remain within your budget. Don't be concerned with the link to your site being at the top of the page. Many people who click on the top site are not serious and you want to attract serious leads, not pay for useless clicks. The important thing is to make sure that you stick within your budget so that you can realize a profit from your sales.

When designing your ad, make sure you use as many pertinent keywords as possible. A valuable tip in using keywords is to misspell some of the words. Not everyone searches using the proper spelling of the word and you can find a whole new market that your competitors might miss out on by employing this technique.

It is also important to use a title tag that will accurately describe the site and be worded in such a way that it will capture attention. Remember, you're competing with thousands so use wording that will make your site stand out in the crowd.
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