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Freedom in a Home Based Business

Jul 7, 2008
What would working from home mean for you? Would it mean being able to take your son or daughter to school? Would it mean waking up when you are done sleeping? Or would it mean you wouldn't have to sit in rush hour traffic and pay for unreasonable gas prices?

The fallacy associated with working from home is that only the lucky ones can pull it off. People often wish it is something they could do, but don't believe it would work for them. The reality is that we can achieve anything if we know what we want, set a course, and never give up.

Too often people in our life that are not where we want to be dictate changes in our course. It is pretty ironic that people who seek after a dream listen to those that have no dream. For example, if your desire was to make a million dollars in any endeavor, where would you get your counsel? Would it be from the local gas station clerk? Perhaps, the mailman? Or would it be from someone who has done it before? I propose to you a new way of thinking, unless they have traveled the path you want to follow, be kind, but seek other counsel.

Many people want to work from home not because they want to be 'rich', but because they want to be free! What does it mean to be free for you? Sometimes we take our freedom in America for granted and yet the price for it did not come cheap, nor does it still. In the business model, freedom often times means we are not slaves to a job, we do not trade hours for dollars at the sacrifice of time with our children. Freedom means having the ability to take the time to smell the roses.

We can't answer what freedom for you financially is, but when I think of my friends and their desire to get free financially , all of them would sell out if someone could show them a 5yr plan in which they could make quarter to half a million dollars a year. I often times ask someone do they have a better plan than a half million dollars residual income five years from now. Sometimes they will hem-haw and I will ask them how long they have been at their current job. One will tell me 7yrs, one will tell me 15yrs, and one will tell me 11yrs. I ask them how does my 5yr plan of half million or better stack up to the path they are on? This reminds me of the reality TV show 'Survivor'. In the show, the goal for the contestants is to find the idol and it will give them immunity from being voted off. They will not find the idol if they don't follow the map. It is amazing that every-time someone takes the time and effort to follow the clues in the map, they find the treasure. It is no different in a home based business.

A home based business requires dedication, hard-work and a map to follow. If you put the time and effort into it, it is well worth the effort. Not all home based businesses are created equal though. It is imperative that you find a company that has paved the way for you. It is also important that you are not just creating another 'job' for yourself. The power of a home based business comes with finding a business that creates residual income, provides a map, and will allow you to get well paid for your efforts.

For the last 10 years, Real Estate Investing was my home based business. I paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn from the best, put a lot of time and effort, and I was well paid for my efforts. As the market has tanked though, I am not exactly getting well paid for my efforts. I know the market will come back and will again, one day be a cash cow, but for now, another home based business is where my efforts lie.

As I researched, what would give me leverage and what the top experts and business men from Robert Kiyosaki to Donald Trump were saying, I knew Network Marketing would be my next endeavor. Do you know what the top 3 income producing jobs are in the country? One and two are the entertainment industry and professional athletics. What might surprise you is the 3rd highest income earning position is Relational Marketing or better known from the past as Network Marketing. If your desire is strong enough, and you are serious about wanting Freedom in a home based business, I encourage you to consider Network Marketing as your next endeavor.
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