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A Review Of The Green Mountain Energy Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
Green Mountain Energy Company is a company that prides itself on providing cleaner energy than your usual utility company provides. While some companies, particularly those who only represent a single industry (i.e. solar power, wind energy), will sell you equipment and teach you how to harvest natural energy yourself, Green Mountain Energy buys electricity and power from companies that produce a number of different types of energy. They buy solar energy, wind energy, biomass, water power, natural gas and geothermal energy from other companies and feed all of it into one central power grid.

Green Mountain Energy reps then sell the energy to customers who are looking to use cleaner energy. While using the energy provided by Green Mountain Energy will certainly be more expensive than the power bought from a typical utility company, it is worth it if you are committed to living a greener lifestyle.

Green Mountain Energy markets its energy to customers who live in Texas. They market their energy through individual sales representatives. These independent sales reps work in Texas and only sell the product to customers who live there (though someday this may change). The Green Mountain Energy Independent Sales Representatives earn their money primarily by signing up new customers. The Reps earn a bonus for every customer they convert to Green Mountain Energy usage. They also earn a residual income from the monthly bills paid by the customers they have signed up.

This could be a risky venture, in that you won't know how many customers you are going to sign up in one day. There could be some heavy selling involved to get potential consumers to leave their current utility company and convert to Green Mountain Energy. Not everybody believes in "living green" and trying to convert those people is almost impossible. The real money to be had is in the monthly residuals. Of course, to get those residuals, you need to sign up new customers and those customers need to continue to use Green Mountain Energy as their utility provider. This could be a very time intensive process.

As of press time, the official website for potential Green Mountain Energy Representatives was not available for perusal, so details on becoming a Green Mountain Energy Representative are few. We could not find information on multi level marketing opportunities or how often the representatives get paid. Our official recommendation is to spend some time exploring the official Green Mountain Energy representative site as well as the official Green Mountain Energy corporate site to learn more about the company, what you might be selling and why it is important to sell it.

As time goes on more and more people are willing to "go green" or to attempt "going green." There is no doubt that Green Mountain Energy won't be a solely Texan endeavor for long. Anybody who has lived through rolling blackouts is probably ready and willing to jump on the Green Mountain Energy system.
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