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A Review of the Greenwood Health Systems Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
There are many business opportunities that hock your being in control of your financial destiny. One of the programs you may be interested in checking out if you are looking for a business opportunity to supplement your income is Greenwood Health Systems.

It is a business opportunity that purports the control factor regarding your financial stability. In other words you are going to join a business opportunity with Greenwood Health Systems that allows you to own your own business, have your own schedule, and make as much income as you would like according to the website.

For the business opportunity you join Greenwood Health Systems to learn how to create your own business using their plan that has been tested and seems to work. It is a home based opportunity so you are going to work online rather than working in an actual retail location or by going around door to door in sales.

It is a sales program. You are selling the Greenwood Health Systems products in which you provide your customers with a product that is health related. Since the industry is health related you are also joining something that is on the incline rather than decline.

There are many consumers looking for a way to improve their health and they are looking for inexpensive products that show results. So if you have an interest in health as a hobby you may be able to turn it into a career if you use this business plan from Greenwood Health Systems.
They have a compensation plan that you will follow once you are a member.

Basically you do have to purchase the products you are going to be selling with the home based business opportunity; however you will earn bonuses as well as commissions on the items you sell. So if you sell a product for $50.00 you will get your bonus on the actual dollar amount of the product sale. In some opportunities options such as having to sell $50, but only paying on the first $40 is offered for a bonus. You will continue to earn income as you make sales, not just on the first dollar amount.

You will also find that you do not have a group dollar amount that you have to have. In other words the bonuses are paid out to the members based on what they do, not on what someone else does. This means you get the entire bonus rather than a portion of it going to the member who is above you.

There are twelve levels for volume and the bonuses are going to be paid at all levels based on the fair practices the company has. In some cases you will be able to get bonuses for 50%. This is generally for the first order and it is 50% off the dollar value. Greenwood Health Systems offers a business opportunity where you sell the product to customers via an online website and you earn bonuses as you sell products.
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