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A Review of the Gurrlie Girl Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
The Gurrlie Girl income opportunity is designed for those who love fashion. Basically, what the Gurrlie Girl business states is that you would be a fashion consultant during home shows. The business is based on your owning your own business and working from home. You just have to buy the fashion accessories such as jewelry to become a Gurrlie Girl fashion consultant.

The Gurrlie Girl business offers jewelry for women and children that you are able to show off to friends, family, and co- workers. This type of business works in the same way many of the home business opportunities do. You buy the merchandise, have a friend host a party, and then have a show with food and drinks. The idea is that the more you purchase, the more variety you have to sell to your clients.

With Gurrlie Girl, the fashions are regulated to a Christian-based theme. There are going to be many types of crosses, scripture bracelets, and necklaces for those who would like to have faith based jewelry. This limits your clientele just a bit, but it may still be successful as long as you promote to the right market.

The Gurrlie Girl Company is based out of Nevada and California. The Gurrlie Girl Company is trying to create interesting jewelry that will change over time to offer stylish and affordable jewelry for those interested in Christian-based pieces. It is important as a consultant with your own business that you know the product line and can speak intelligently.

The idea of the Gurrlie Girl home based business is that it works for who you are and the needs you have. If you are just looking for a little extra income it seems that is possible, or you can increase the income by doing shows as well as private events as your sole career. The Gurrlie Girl fashion consultants are supposed to be professional in the demonstration of jewelry as well as be able to market it.

The idea behind the Gurrlie Girl fashion consultant business is that you are handy when the customer wants to buy something from you directly rather than going to the website and waiting for the shipment to go out and arrive. They are also trying to create the business so that it is in the hands of the customer as soon as possible and fresh products.

There are a few ways you can offer Gurrlie Girl fashion consultant work with your business. You can be part of the home shows in your area such as festivals, fairs, church socials, and other gatherings or the traditional hostess show. When you host a show you are able to get benefits like free jewelry for how many items are purchased at the show.

For the home show, according to the website, the jewelry is available for sale, and can even be packaged. Basically you are the medium for the Gurrlie Girl Company to get their products out there for customers and to help you earn extra income.
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