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A Review of the Herbalife Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
Everyone is looking for a way to get better health, get in shape and fix all the damages from poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This has become a thing of the present and the future, the marketing of nutritional supplements. Consumers are demanding quality from nature herself. This is where Herbalife has come to be an opportunity to provide these products for the consumers and a business opportunity as well.

Herbalife has been around as long as I can remember. The interesting thing about this company is that a 24-year-old man, Mark Hughes in 1980, founded it. He tells the story of how he was inspired by his mothers struggle to manage her weight. She had tried everything, even amphetamines. So, he began selling products for weight control from the trunk of his car. Only 8 years later, Herbalife hit its million dollars in sales.

Herbalife is a company that provides natural vitamin supplements, beauty and weight loss products. There is a special line for women's nutritional needs. They focus on Wellness products that have quite a few testimonials on the benefits. The consumers claim more energy, weight loss, relief from headaches, arthritis and relief from other inflammatory diseases.

They have a business plan that works as a stairstep-breakaway compensation plan. This plan is easily confused and very hard to explain. When a distributor reaches a certain point of qualification, then he breaks away from his original sponsor. The original sponsor will now only get a certain percentage of that breakaway groups volume. Your share of the compensation plan can be anywhere from nothing to 25% from the profits of yourself and your group.

Can you become wealthy selling Herbalife? There are many who began in the beginning of Herbalife who are making over a million dollars, but the group is very small. And as far as selling the product, even though the products are of excellent quality and resources, they are quite expensive and cannot compete with the well-known brands you can get at the health food stores at a much lower price.

They will provide you with the training you need and help in achieving your goals. They now have over 1.5 million distributors and growing in over 64 countries. However, the startup costs are a bit high. You will want to check into this in detail before making a decision to join or not.

If you plan to make money in this business, you need to prepare to recruit as many distributors as you can and sharpen up your sales techniques. As they break away, you will basically be starting over. So keep your contact list loaded and handy. You need to make a decision and commit to it.

So many people that join Herbalife say that they are going to do and make it work. It is your drive and your personality that will make this business work for you. You need to decide "Why" you want to do Herbalife. Is it the products or the marketing plan?

Is this plan better than the others you have looked at? Is this something you feel that you can sell? Can you talk to your friends, families and neighbors about Herbalife and feel confident in your approach. If so, then you may very well succeed at this business.
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