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Bigtickettowealth - Review Part 1

Jul 7, 2008
Bigtickettowealth. Is it the real deal or just another scam on the internet ready to take your money? Let's take a look here and see whether or not Bigtickettowealth is the real deal.

I spent several months researching many online businesses and recently came across Bigtickettowealth. The company is quite new and hasn't had too much attention up to this point.

Now it doesn't matter what business your looking at. As long as you know the two most important things to look for in a home business you should be fine. The first and most important thing is the compensation plan. Let's take a look now at Bigtickettowealth and theirs.

So let's start with the compensation plan. Bigtickettowealth has three levels that you can become a member with. The first is the National plan which is $797. The second is the Executive which has a cost of $1197. The third is the Presidential which will cost you $1997. The prices for joining the company don't seem bad. They're probably a little under the average of what I usually see for joining any company.

I like the fact that the members of Bigtickettowealth get paid direct. The money doesn't go to the company and then to you. It goes straight to you into your bank account. I also like the fact that Bigtickettowealth doesn't have a pass-up style program.

With pass-up style programs you are always required to pass-up your first sales to your sponsor. The majority of network marketing businesses require there members to do this. Bigtickettowealth does not so I have to applaud them for that.

Bigtickettowealth also has what is known as the 100% matching override bonus. This I like to. This basically means that when anyone on your team makes a sale you will make that same exact amount. For example let's say someone on your team makes a $900 sale. You will also make $900. I haven't seen a company other than Bigtickettowealth that has a 100% matching override commission.

So I like what I see with Bigtickettowealth and their compensation plan. Now the question is do they have a dissent training program. In Part 2 we'll go over the companies training program and see first off whether they have one, and second whether or not it's any good. After the second review we'll know whether Bigtickettowealth is the real deal or not.
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Tom Culbertson helps everyone in deciding if companies like Bigtickettowealth are the best choice to make money with. Check out Tom's 3rd party review Bigtickettowealth blog to see what company is the best choice for you.
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