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A Review of the Ignite Energy MLM Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
Ignite Energy MLM is a perfect example of using the MLM genealogy leads. Another company called Excel goes under and most of the people from there end up rolling right into I.E. Coincidence? Not really, it was pretty much everyone that made money in the telecommunications company could be leaders in this new business and make it go from just a match to igniting overnight.

If your looking for a company where you deal with inventory, Ignite Energy is not for you. There is no inventory dealing with electricity deregulation which makes life a heck of a lot easier in this MLM company. Add a low investment plan and many are easily interested in this newer opportunity.

You might be wondering how exactly you make money with Ignite Energy MLM. This is an important thing to think about and more people should with every business even though this is slightly different. After getting the full background information on the company its just like any other MLM in the sense that you need to get people to come in underneath you.

Evidently, the people that are making the big bucks, driving the fancy cars, and showing off their wealth are those that are leaders. The ones that don't go one on one with someone very much. Instead they settle for nothing less then groups of 10, 20, or hundreds of people. The ones that send you invitations to come visit a seminar in the local hotel.

Plan on pulling out the checkbook when joining Ignite Energy MLM because the initial cost for is $329 plus an annual fee of $99. If you want to become certified to do like the big wigs do and go to fairs, malls, and give big presentations you can pay an additional $99 on top of the initial cost and you'll become a Marketing Associate Director.

Explaining the payment plan would only confuse you, but they do have videos that make it a lot more understandable then reading an article and just having that big question mark over your head when your done. There are discounts, however, if you live in different states ranging from $199-$299.

Ignite Energy MLM is for the serious multilevel marketer. The good thing about an investment this size is people take the program a lot more seriously then one where you pay an initial fee of $0-$50. Not to take anything away from those businesses, but many times its a lot easier for people to get lazy if the out of pocket is minimal.

If you feel this company is for you and that the deregulation of electricity is going to be the wave of the future, your search for a home based business could be over. However, you should bring along your own questions and criteria when making your final decision. Which ever you decide, you'll at least know when you done that you researched everything you needed to within the Ignite Energy MLM.
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