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A Review of the IGONET Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
IGONET is a way to make money from a home business which connects a home business owner to the outside world primarily using the world wide web. The internet connects a home business owner to the marketing structure that is known as IGONET. The hope and dream of any stay at home business entrepreneur is to maintain and sustain a long-term residual income that can provide for themselves. This income should also be substantial enough to meet up to the income market and economy of the current country they are living in.

The IGONET income opportunity is best explained as a funnel system that people can use. The funnel system works fairly easy and can be used by most people. However to be efficient at using the system one must aspire to work long and hard hours at first as the IGONET income may be low at first then higher as one establishes his or her home business. Most of these systems start out with a simple drawback.

The simple drawback is that one must provide or pay a one-time only fee that covers all the tools and helpful hints of past or previous IGONET users that helps the new person become very familiar with the whole system. The faster a person joins the system the faster a person builds off the whole system because more and more people joining means that the pay will be better. By joining early on a person guarantees his or her/self with a steady income right away.

The IGONET funnel system works like this a person buys his or her way into the funnel system for a price that can be any amount. Most start at either a lump sum of fifty to one hundred dollars. This price does not necessarily have to be this high or even this low in some cases or circumstances. Also, a person can get in on the IGONET system by paying a monthly bill, fee, or sum for as little as five to ten dollars or as high as ten to fifty dollars. This is also subject to much or little change as possible it is entirely up to the company you are dealing with.

After a person pays his or her fees he or she is in the funnel system. All the other people who were already in the system then get to get a share of the person's entry fee which is not very much but becomes a lot after about a million people join. So, for instance, if one million people join the funnel system you have just made ten thousand dollars by just paying one hundred dollars.

Basically, just by signing up you make money then by following all the instructions that tell you how to make your own home business, you can succeed in that angle as well. An IGONET home business system can make a lot of money in two ways which are fairly easy and can provide a steady, substantial income for many years.
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