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A Review of the ICR Services Income Opportunity

Jul 7, 2008
There wasn't a great deal of information on the ICR Services (also known as National Credit Repair Services) opportunity aside from several review sites including a site called "Rip Off Report." We could not find an actual website for the company which significantly limited our available information.

After conducting a search of National Credit Repair Services, we did find an article on the Federal Trade Commission website that listed ICR Services as one of the defendants in a lawsuit that the FTC brought against six "related defendants" citing that they engaged in "deceptive practices that violate both the FTC Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act."

Who They Are

ICR Services in a company that offers credit repair services. They are based in Livonia, Michigan. Apparently, they also go under the name National Credit Repair Services.

What They Do

ICR Services helps people repair their credit. The clients purchase the service from an ICR Services representative and become a client of ICR Services. At that point, ICR Services begins taking steps to repair the client's credit. It apparently is a joint effort and there are instructions in the papers that are signed when the client purchases the service. There is also a customer service number if the client has any questions regarding the service or what they need to do during the process that ICR Services does while repairing their credit.

How You Make Money

From what we can tell, the way that you make money through ICR Services is that you become an independent representative to "sell" the service to people who wish to repair their credit. The customer is then referred to the ICR Services company and at that time they take the customer through the credit repair process.

What We've Heard

The information that we found on ICR Services was less than glowing. It may be a good opportunity, we did not see much negative feedback on the income opportunity itself, but the amount of negative client feedback on ICR Services was enough to raise a red flag. Some of the problems seemed to be with the amount of training that a representative for ICR Services receives before they begin taking people's money.

In one such feedback, an ICR Services representative stated that she had heard of an "untrained or misinformed rep giving wrong instructions to a client." This would raise the question of just how much training does a representative for ICR Services receive before they are allowed to begin selling the product and interacting with clients?

Before you join any company make sure you so a google search for company name + scam. For example in this case ICR Services Scam. What will happen is all the dirty laundry on the company you are searching for should pop right up. Also note that most government websites are high page rank sites with a lot of google pull or what google calls authority sites. So in this case even when you search for the company name alone the scam results will pop right up.
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