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Jul 7, 2008
If your in and around the Calgary area, and your looking for a Marketing company there are a few that you can take look at. I havent tried any of these since Im not in the Calgary area, but these are all sites Ive heard good things about either from friends, colleagues, or reviews. If you have a really terrific site and you dont bother to market it because you dont know how to or you just dont have the time, then its a good idea to get someone else either an individual or a company to do it for you. Its really quite simple and usually pretty inexpensive, for the amount of traffic and sales it could bring you. Here are a few ways you can market yourself on the internet, all these ways are completely FREE and easy to do. You need to take the first step if you expect to get anywhere with your business. So here are your first steps:

Have a signature link either in your emails or in forums
Make your navbar not only people friendly but Search Engine friendly
Submit Your Web page URL to Search Engines
Back links & Directories
Search Engine Optimization
Write articles
Begin a blog
Start a newsletter

Here are some Marketing business's located in the Calgary area, these are either marketing firms, agencies, or individuals wanting to help people like you out, to market your site.


SearchEngineTop10 -
This website offers a multitude of thigs you could use for your wbesite besides just marketing. For example they have Search Engine Optimiation, Submission, Backlinks, PPC campaigns, and Event Based Marketing. This is an ideal site if your looking for low to mid ranged prices, but a compoany that will really help you.

Anduro -
Offers things like press releases, Link building, eNewsletters, Pay-per-Click campaigns and strategic marketing plans. Some of their clients include University of Calgary, Oceano, Karo, and BrainForest. This site also includes a free Internet Marketing Analysis of your website.

iAppeal -
This site offers a whole load of services including website design, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, hosting, content management, blogs, and site maintencance. Check out their portfolio so you can see some of the really great work they do. My little tip Ill give to you. If your looking for a site online whether its a marketing site or a web design site, if they have a website that doesnt look "nice" or the navigation bar, or page is either mseed up with coding, or if it looks like its unfishined. Walk away. To me, if a site boasts its abilities with websites, but they cant even configure their own site correctly, its probably a sham.

BroadWaveStudios -
I have a feeling just by looking at this site that its high end type of services, with a price tag to match. But thats part of the reason I picked it as well as hearing good things about the site. Check out their Internet Marketing specs under "Services" on their website.

The least you can do with this place or any other site is either get a quote by filling out the quote form (if they have one) or call them and see what prices they offer. Some of these sites even offer to send out a brochure to your home address. So if they offer something like that go for it. At least you can see what they are all about and get a real feel for them. Good luck finding the site you want. I wish you success!
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