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Lead Lists: Does It Pay To Purchase Lead Lists?

Jul 7, 2008
Direct sales and network marketing is highly dependent upon getting quality leads. Leads can come from various sources both offline and online. Some people concentrate on getting leads strictly from online sources, but there are plenty of network marketers who still buy leads from offline suppliers.

Paying for leads is not a "one size fits all" process. For some people, offline leads have worked in the past, and continue to provide very successful results. Others find that offline lead buying is not suited to their needs and wants. This article covers the benefits and problems of buying leads from leads list.

Benefits of buying leads from list companies are the speed of delivery. When someone is trying to get going in a new business venture, speed is usually part of the process. Putting in a call and receiving delivery quickly will allow them to get going swiftly.

Not everyone is creative enough to write wonderful, compelling advertising and create stunning, eye-catching graphics. For those who think that copywriting and graphic design is either overwhelming or a chore to be avoided in favor of root canal, purchasing leads from list companies eliminates the need to engage in those activities.

Purchasing leads is something that should, however, be approached carefully. Not all lead lists are equal, and you can wind up wasting a lot of money on lists that are rife with the deceased, people who are irate and those who have divorced or are too poor to buy anything. These people are hardly looking for an opportunity, and you need to check out the statistics and testimonials of each company prior to putting up your hard earned money.

In some instances, people will purchase leads with the idea of promoting a work-at-home opportunity. A few lead companies utilize unethical methods of lead gathering and as a result the person on the list may have no idea how they got there.

The lead may have filled out a survey or contest form in the mall or on the run to work and completely forgotten about by the time you come calling. The lead company may have indicated in 6 point, grayed out type that someone might approach them concerning getting into a work-at-home or business opportunity, but the lead was not really informed and was only looking at the possible prize of a new, flat screen television coming their way if they gave up their name.

Buying lead lists can work if careful attention and research is conducted prior to starting to use a company. It might be helpful to build a database or use a spreadsheet to track results from each list used. That way, on the backend, you can track your return on investment.

When a person can ascertain how much has been spent versus how much has been gained from leads used, they can make a better decision going forward on which companies to continue with.

A person who buys leads might also want to diversify in order to compare the quality across many different companies about the leads received.
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