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Effort As A Prerequisite Of Finding Jobs In The UK

Jul 8, 2008
Looking for jobs can be one of the most soul wrecking experiences in life, especially when you have been looking for an extended period with no success. With so many different jobs available in the UK today, for those who are uncertain upon which career path to follow, the choice can not only be difficult but also next to impossible. Not having a clear picture of which jobs to apply for makes the task extremely time consuming. Searching for jobs should most of the time be directed; if it is not you often find yourself just searching thousands of listings with no luck.

This should be your first concern; look at the types of jobs in the UK you think you will be eligible for or would like to do and then pursue them with vigour. To find which career you may be suited to you should take a serious look at the skills you possess. Not only your skills however, you should also take into account your education; many different UK industries need different levels of education and understanding the needs of these industries is vital. Education, despite official qualifications can be difficult to quantify, unless you possess applied learning in vocational fields, generic education can often leave you just as lost as when you started.

After you have made a decision on the types of jobs and the industries you are willing to work in it is essential to produce a CV. When writing a CV it is advisable to make it applicable to the types of jobs you are trying to secure. Make the most of your skills that suit a certain job role, being too generic can mean that employers will overlook your application readily. As well as presenting your skills, a CV provides employers with an indication of your personality and work ethic, if you produce an out of date and ill written CV, employers are likely to think that you have a poor work ethic and are not willing to put the effort into working. By comparison, sending an application that is excellently scripted and fully up to date shows you have the skills to dedicate yourself to tasks. These are characteristics that all employers are looking for.

After a CV the next stage of securing jobs in UK is to undertake the interview process. At this stage it is vitally important to present yourself properly. Always wear a suit; even if you feel that job will be easy to secure, wearing a suit shows that you are willing to make the effort and understand the importance of presentation. Interviews are all about first impressions so conduct yourself in a professional manner and be receptive to any questions. In addition you should show enthusiasm for the position, by showing you are passionate about your work can put you in good stead with employers. Most important of all however is to be yourself, by doing this you will be more comfortable in the interview and able to get your points across more successfully.

Searching for jobs is never an easy task, it is however an essential one. If you remember through all stages of your hunt to put effort in success will eventually be forthcoming. It is easy to lose heart, but by keeping your efforts up it is likely you will find the right job in the end.
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Career expert Thomas Pretty looks the best ways to find UK jobs and how to secure them.
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