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Using Forums With Network Marketing

Jul 8, 2008
With the current and unfortunate trend in downsizing by American companies, workers are looking for opportunities to either supplement their incomes or work from home full time. The Internet is without question the largest reason for the phenomenal growth in home based businesses and downsized, out of work people are flocking to the Internet to open online stay at home businesses.

One area that has seen exceptional growth, is network marketing. Although network marketing has been around for years, the audience and connections made available by the Internet on a mass scale has caused unprecedented growth in network marketing. But to succeed in network marketing, face to face meetings and word of mouth are still the best methods to being profitable in network marketing.

The Internet allows for mass exposure and does increase the volume of leads a network marketer may receive, but the conference call and person to person meetings are still the hallmark of this industry. The Internet does however outperform in bringing together people that are of like mind and have the same interest.

One particular tool that is unique to the Internet are forums. There are hundreds of thousands of forums available on the Internet with such a wide variety of subjects that it would be almost impossible to not find someone that does not have the same interest. Network marketing is no different. Forums are places where people come together to discuss and trade ideas about their area of interest.

Network marketing forums are ideal places to pick up new ideas about lead generation, discuss new and innovative ideas or to find a new business line that may enhance your current business. People in forums are more than willing to help and discuss just about anything that is relevant to network marketing. People love to show and share their knowledge of anything that is important to them and this is what makes forums so successful as a place for like minded people to meet.

There are very few negatives to using forums to increase your knowledge in network marketing, however we will outline some. Forums should be used only as a way to increase knowledge about your business and not as a social venue other than for business reasons. Forums can become addicting and many hours best spent promoting your business can be lost while participating in online forums. Setting aside maybe and hour or two a day to catch up on the latest trends and industry news is all that should be allowed for online forums. Moderation is key for forums.

One other negative is the level of anonymity allowed by the Internet. Unscrupulous characters are very aware that their identity can be cloaked and use this for purposes that can cause financial harm. However, most forums have moderators that are vigilant and quickly weed out these bad apples making the forum safe for genuine members.

Although forums cannot replace the tried and true methods that have always been successful with network marketing, they can help enhance and grow your business by offering new ideas and different approaches that may not have been thought of before for application to your own network marketing business.
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