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Think And Grow Rich In Your Home Business

Jul 8, 2008
Life can seem like a roller coaster. Day jobs don't give us the energy to do what we love. You have a world of opportunity; however, there seems no room to live that life. Your mind is a powerful computer. In fact the most powerful ever existed, and can be used to make you think and grow rich.

Even though your environment looks like it blocks you, it offers you the greatest of opportunities. You maybe in a job which looks like you will never get to live the life of your dreams. However, you have many routes to success.

Usually, we will have thoughts that we need lots of money to make money, you need a great upbringing, education, and many other things. However, these things are all excuses. It is a fallacy to believe that you need money to succeed, that you need rich parents or even a home.

Some of the most successful in life have started from nothing and became something. In fact almost all people today, who are wealthy and rich, have become so, because they started from nothing and became something.

I was watching Bloomberg's financial channel, and saw one of the quotes on there. I can't remember who it was exactly, but the quote said that art is taking something from nothing and selling it for money. I thought to myself this is exactly how riches are made. How men can think and grow rich.

Before I get ahead of myself, it is best to explain more about this practical computer - our minds. Imagine as you sit and read this. What will you do after? If you did not think of what you wanted to do, would you do it? Animals would eat when hungry, and drink when thirsty. However, as humans, we have the ability of choice. If your belly is empty, you can fill it or you can say 'I will eat later'.

This power is amazing. It crafts careers, it makes a couple decide to get married for life, it makes war and peace, it makes friends and enemies, and crafts people from lowly beginnings to become great people. Ones which everyone counts on for inspiration, joy, a living. Look at Bill Gates, a thought in his mind when reading a magazine later was what allowed him to decide to leave Harvard, and start Microsoft.

What do you want? What is rich for you? Would you rather be rich or wealthy? These are important questions to consider. You can transform your life. You don't need money, you can start now. But, how can you get rich, with your definition?

I take it that we are on the same wavelength, you are thinking of at least 6 figures to be considered rich. Now, there are only 2 ways that it becomes possible. One is a business and the other is sales.

A home business is a great thing indeed. Some of the biggest companies of the world started as the equivalent of home business. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or wherever they could set up a business, they did. The result is that some of these companies are Fortune 500 companies. In fact, I started in such a way. Under-funded, and with many obstacles, I managed to go from nothing to something.

How did they do it? It was done because of the ability to think and grow rich. To have an idea, a worthy ideal, which others wanted. By giving this service, people paid them this money. More they served, more came.

The rich get richer, while the poor get poor. There is a big difference in the two. One works opposite of the other. While the majority may not be considered poor, they don't realize what they have. This kind of thought causes them to not try.

Your greatest asset is the ability to think, and also the privilege of being in a country and a world which gives you all the resources you need to succeed - if only you could see them.
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