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How To Get More Opt-Ins To Your Email List

Jul 8, 2008
Lead generation is crucial to online success.

Internet marketers often complain they are not getting enough opt ins. The main reason is their websites don't sell visitors on joining the list.

So, in this article, I'm going to share a proven way to generate leads. I'll even give you a perfect example. You can modify it to drive traffic to your website.

You'll get the details in a moment. First, let's clarify a couple of things. People don't join email lists for the heck of it. They want a valuable exchange to give you an email address.

My suggestion is give them free info that solves a problem they have. The info can be a free PDF, MP3 audio or video.

In exchange for the free information, require them to opt in. Just build a simple lead capture page. Include copy that sells the free info.

The other thing is, make it a cinch to get on your list. Don't ask for too much personal info. Your best bet is to just get their email address. That's it.

Finally, include a free subscription to an ezine as part of your offer. In other words, the prospect opts-in to get the free whatever. They also get your free ezine. This way you can keep in contact with them. Very important.

Let's put this in a practical frame. Say you want to build a list of bodybuilders. Here's the copy for a simple name squeeze page that will do the job...

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Okay, that's a good "bread and butter" way to generate Internet leads. You can run small pay per click ads to drive people to a modified version of this web page.
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