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E-Mail Marketing Tips to Increase Online Profits

Jul 8, 2008
E-mail marketing is a proven way to increase sales and revenues for almost any business. Finding a way to collect e-mail addresses allows you to send marketing messages to potential customers for as long as they remain a subscriber. Most people will not buy your product or service the first time they land on your sales page. In fact it usually takes up to 5 to 7 encounters with a particular product pitch before most people decide to buy. Here are a few tips to help you create successful e-mail marketing campaigns:

Tip 1: Use personalization features

Most autoresponder services allow you to create messages that have a certain element of personalization including in it such as including the first name of the subscriber. Starting a title with the first name of a subscriber is a proven way to increase open rates for your messages.

Tip 2: Ensure a low spam factor in every message

It is critical that you do not trigger the spam filters in most e-mail services. A good autoresponder service will allow you to check each message to make sure that it has little to no spam content or words that will trigger the spam filters. Avoid the word 'free' as much as possible as it tends to trigger spam filters too much.

Tip 3: Offer something of value in each message

Depending on the products you are selling you should always offer something of value in every e-mail like an exclusive product discount offer or free information of some sort like an e-course or something similar.

Tip 4: Track the links in your e-mail messages

Most good autoresponders will enable you to easily track any links you place in your e-mail. This is valuable as it will allow you to see which messages are performing well so you can learn from them and do more of what is working.

Tip 5: Space the messages in your autoresponder appropriately

Do not send messages every day to your subscribers otherwise they might get annoyed and unsubscribe from your list. Have a gap of at least one to three days between messages for maximum response rates.

Tip 6: Focus on building a quality list of subscribers

It is important to get people that are interested in buying to sign up to your newsletter instead of just information seekers. Maybe you could offer an in depth product review of a particular product in your e-mail messages, this way only people that are potentially interested in buying the product will sign up. A smaller list of buyers will make you much more money that a huge list of untargeted subscribers.

Tip 7: Broadcast messages regularly

If you have new information or a new product you want your list to know about then be sure to use the broadcast feature to send your message to all your subscribers right away. Sometimes it is timing that matter most and the broadcast feature will let you get the marketing messages out instantly. Try some of these e-mail marketing tips and hints to help you make more money from your business.
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