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How to Make Your Articles a Lead Generation Strategy for MLM

Jul 8, 2008
Writing articles doesn't have to be exclusively used for generating traffic to your website. It can serve a second purpose with a couple of new keywords inserted and a slight change of direction for your content.

Once you've tweaked your articles enough, they won't just generate website traffic but MLM leads as well.

Talk about something interesting and related to MLM.

Your articles may have always been written to grab attention, but this time, you want to be more specific. You have to aim for the interest of people who are more likely able and willing to build a network marketing business. Last but not the least, remember to write a positive article about MLM. A number of people have certain misassumptions about network marketing so don't waste this opportunity to correct them!

Prove your expertise in MLM.

With the first tip, you've successfully captured your reader's interest about MLM and, even better, you've also convinced them about the benefits of having an MLM business. But your work's not finished though. You may have convinced them about the merits of an MLM business, but you haven't given them a reason yet to trust you.

This is why your articles must be written in such a way that it will not only promote the advantages of an MLM business but the advantages of trusting you to give them the help they need in MLM.

There are various ways to prove your expertise in MLM. If you have some success stories shared by people you've previously helped, you can include one of them for every article you write. If you've some facts and figures to support your words then make sure to include them as well.

Include important keywords.

Don't forget that articles are rated by search engines, too. Use the appropriate keywords to increase the page ranking of your article. And as it always goes, the higher the rank of your page, the more chances there are that the right people will get to read your article.

Make a strong call to action.

Be persuasive. The best calls to action are short but powerful. They may be composed of only a few words or a sentence or two, but each word had been carefully considered to create a huge impact on the reader. If you're going to use lackluster words to invite people to drop by your website to learn more, you're better off just displaying your website alone. That, at least, can make a powerful statement on its own!

Talk about yourself.

Now, every author has the privilege to spend one to two short paragraphs for his biography at the end of each article he makes. Don't waste this privilege! This is where you can add information which you wished you could have included in the body of the article but couldn't for whatever reason. This is also your last chance to convince them that it's you they need if they want to succeed in MLM.

Don't forget to include all your contact information and, if possible, include your picture. Having a photo of yourself included will only add to your credibility.

Make articles available for social bookmarking.

Finally, take advantage of social bookmarking for your articles. Ratings will give you feedback and social bookmarking can only increase exposure for your articles.
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