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The Basics of Email Marketing

Jul 8, 2008
Every business needs some sort of marketing strategy and when you are web based marketing is even more important, because you are not just competing with the stores in your area you are competing with the world. This is why you must have an internet marketing strategy.

Email marketing is just one aspect of marketing on the internet. It has advantages and disadvantages just like everything else however it can provide you with a good medium to reach a number of people quickly. Email stands for electronic mail and it is one of the first and most widely used internet marketing medium. It is not the only one used in a strategy but even if a person or company is using other methods you will find they most likely also employ email marketing.

There are a number of ways to use email marketing as a way to promote your business. The most important thing is to make sure that you keep it legitimate. This means you use opt-in lists or information from affiliates who have received a go ahead on sending information from related companies. This prevents you from being marked as a Spammer.

Join message boards or e-groups. Try to find one that caters to the market you are looking at reaching. There are usually hundreds of groups spread out over the internet, all of which usually will accept marketing messages. This means that you can easily reach a large number of potential customers quickly.

Write your email messages in such a way that they are not pushy or overly hyped. People tend to mark those as spam and almost never read them. This defeats your purpose. You will want an email that is done in such a way that it attracts the eye, gives the information in easy to understand language broken up in such a way that it makes for a quick read. It should contain just enough information to get the customer to want to head over and take a look at your website or the product listed in the email.

Spam is something that has created a seriously negative effect on email marketing. The basics of email marketing is to send a marketing message or sometimes a sales letter to individuals using their email address. However, in the early stages of email marketing people purchased lists of email addresses and mass mailed hundreds of people without permission. The basic equivalent of all the junk mail you receive in your regular mail box. Unlike the regular mail however, you can make spam and if you send email messages without receiving permission you may find your self being blocked or banned from services and even the ISP itself.

This is definitely something to avoid. It is important to make sure that you are sending a well written message that is not going to make people want to throw it in the trash. It also means that you are sending emails to the ones who have received communications from you. A good place to start are e-groups. These can help to build you customer base without getting spam markers.
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