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How to Make More Money From Every Visitor

Jul 8, 2008
No matter how much money you are making online you can always make more. We are going to take a closer look at how you can make more money from your visitors with Affiliate and Advertising Sales.

Affiliate Sales

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs on the Internet. Some of them pay a percentage of the sale, some pay a flat fee and some pay a residual fee every time the customer you referred makes a purchase. You can usually find a company's affiliate program by scrolling to the bottom of their home page and looking for a link that says "partners" or "affiliates."

There are also three main affiliate networks that manage the affiliate programs for millions of products and thousands of businesses.

As an affiliate marketer they are a great resource to find out what affiliate programs are available for your target market. You can browse the amounts that they pay for referrals you can even see the average amount affiliates are making from their program!

The 3 largest affiliate networks are Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Clickbank. Clickbank only handles electronic products such as e-books and software while the other two have affiliate programs for everything from dog food to car insurance. Click here to get more info.

It doesn't cost anything to register as an affiliate. I would recommend joining Commission Junction and browsing around to familiarize yourself with the programs available. Click here to get more info.

Ad Sales

Advertisers want their messages displayed to the largest group of people who would be likely to buy their product or service. For example, a credit repair company might want to advertise on a Website that offers credit tips. Someone advertising a product geared towards children would want their ad to appear on parenting sites. You get the picture. The more targeted your site is the more money you can make on advertising.

People are selling advertising on their Websites, Blogs, etc. Some people get paid to write. They do this by developing blogs with compelling content and then selling advertising on them (usually using Google's AdSense program).

Ad Syndicators such as Google's AdSense program allow you to start making money from advertisers in as little as 15 minutes after they approve you! It's extremely easy and a lot of people are making a fulltime income by working part-time on their blogs or advertising sites.

Even though Google doesn't disclose exactly how much you will be paid for each click that the ads on your site generate, you can get a general idea of which topics advertisers are paying the most for by using the free "pay per click bid tools" that Yahoo & Google offer.

That completes the areas to make money on the Internet that we are going to cover for now but before we move on I must mention the important piece of the puzzle that many people overlook in their rush to get started.

If you really want to develop a business that continues to pay you many times over for work you did once, you must give people an outstanding value for their money. Do not try to save a bad product with good marketing. A bad product can't be saved by good marketing. If you don't believe in what you are selling, don't sell it.

I've seen a lot of beginners focus on getting a quick sale without focusing much on the quality of the product or service they are promoting. In some cases you might win a single sale but you lose a lifetime customer. It's much easier to sell to someone that has already bought from you before and found great value. Your efforts will be better rewarded focusing on something that you truly enjoy & believe in.
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