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Real Estate Investing and Private Lending

Jul 8, 2008
To allow yourself the opportunity to find great deals, you need to look into including private lending within your bag of tricks. This article will give you a quick overview why this is a must-have within real estate investing and the quick steps.

Private lending simply involves soliciting individuals with excess cash to invest in the real estate deals you have. You first need to identify those who have this excess cash. This may be difficult to do because you may not know who you want to look at. You may look for those who have strong investment portfolios or who own their own companies. They may have a great deal of excess cash sitting around.

When you are looking for these individuals, be sure to place advertising in your local newspaper and potentially on a website if you have one. This will allow those with excess cash to raise their hands and announce their interest. This will cut down on you trying to actively solicit people you think may have money but you are not entirely certain. Once you have gotten the interest of several individuals, you may want to schedule a group meeting where you can make a presentation and hand out a report how you can make these people more money.

These individuals with excess cash will be interested because you can offer them a high rate of return. When they lend you money, you will then put a mortgage against the property you buy so that their money is secured by collateral. Those are the two keys whenever you talk with any individual: what kind of return can I expect and how safe is my money? If you talk to these points satisfactorily, you will have great success.

Private lending is so important within the industry because of varying reasons. You do not have to worry about bank financing or about your credit. The turnaround time in doing a deal with private lenders is infinitely quicker than those applying for investment property mortgages. You often can find the best deals if you are able to move quickly and private lending allows you to do that.

If you have bad credit going into your real estate ventures, this is a perfect opportunity to still get involved in the field while not having to include your personal financial history. You can do infinitely more deals when you have more people with excess cash so private lending allows you to grow your business exponentially.
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